H2B totally gone off s3x

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embarrassingq Posts: 8
what else can i say he has totally gone off s3x. he used to iniate it all the time and now never. i have tried lately and he doesnt seem to respond its like he is pretending he doesnt know what i am trying to do. im starting to think he is a) gone off me b) having an affair i dont know what im looking for from you. just needed to say it outloud to myself i think. im afraid to ask him which it is. both are nearly as bad as each other edited to say that i have put this up in relationships aswell i think maybe get more responses there. not sure what responses i want :o(
mummyinlove10 Posts: 908
couldnt read and not reply -sorry to hear about your problem - hopefully it isnt anything like what you are thinking - could be just that he is tired or has he anything on his mind job/money worries these could all be factors??
embarrassingq Posts: 8
his job is a little stressful. he isnt going to bed early or anything. just doesnt seem to want to have s3x with me. now since i actually posted this i am very sad about the whole situation. :o( :o( its like its real now that i am reading it. IYKWIM
DiamondWife Posts: 1347
hey embarrassingq, can totally relate, my h2b is on the verge of being let go in his job so we don't know where we stand, whole company got 10% paycuts today to try keep the place going, i know it is this at the mo for him that has him gone off s*x, try not to worry he is prob just stressed and worried like us all :wv
moobear Posts: 1126
I am sorry to hear that this is happening to you Perhaps he has something on his mind that is bothering him & doesnt want to discuss it until he has sorted out what is going on?? It could be a work issue but the only way to get to the bottom of why is to talk to him Best of luck :wv
einstein Posts: 485
I agree with the above posters, the only way to sort the problem out is by talking to him. Bedroom issues are not always easy to discuss etc but its better to find out whats causing his lack of interest. Did he always have a good $ex drive? Maybe its hormonal? I've heard of guys suffering with low testosterone? It could be stress? Men aren't the best to cope with stress? Try to chat to him... hope you're ok. Being honest everyone has busy lives now, working, travelling, shopping, day to day routines so it could be all of these things.....
embarrassingq Posts: 8
Just want to thank all who responded re my s3x life or lack off :) i spoke with H2B last night and you were right he is just stressed and tired. he felt terrible that i was feeling the way i am and all is great again. at least i know now what the problem was. Thanks again to all