H2B wedding Gift?

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lovelyb2b Posts: 733
Hi Any suggestions on what to get H2B as wedding present?? Or what are all ye getting your H2B?? :wv
ems09 Posts: 318
I am making up a basket of things he needs for the day and a few other things too. This is what I have so far to put in and still have to get a few more things: Dressing Gown (got all the lads these) 18ct Gold cufflinks CK boxers >:o) Socks Aftershave An iTouch I also wanted to get him a letter from Man Utd but I have left it too late O:| i want to get him a few more things but havent found them yet :eek Loads of people get their h2b watches or some piece of jewellery.
Penny_Bride2Be Posts: 254
Think a watch is the traditional gift to give the groom
lcarrick Posts: 1639
i'm doing the boudoir photo shoot!!!! if ya search it you find some threads on it.. think it ill be some craic...he has no idea i'm doing this!!