had a miscarriae now pregnant again x.x.

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co kerry Posts: 153
well ladies i havent logged on since i miscarried in feb, i was just so upset as it would have been my first.i was only 6 weeks gone. well i was at the doctors yesturday and they confirmed that i am 5.5 weeks so will be due in dec. i should be over the moon ( dont get me wrong i am so so happy ) but i am just so scared that it will happen to me again.
december29 Posts: 395
Congratulations on your pregnancy! That's fantastic news!!! :o)ll :o)ll Like you I had a misscarriage in Sept at 6 weeks and then got pregnant in Oct. All going well so far. Am 29 weeks now. Rest as much as you can and relax!
co kerry Posts: 153
that is great news , thanks for your comment :thnk
ms jolie Posts: 166
Im a firm believer in not getting too carried away and excited until the 12 weeks are up (sorry I know that sounds a bit pesimestic, but for your own sake), not because you have a history of miscarriage, but for anyone who has just found out they are pregnant. I would try not to think about it too much until 12 weeks are up, and then I would relax and enjoy being pregnant after that. I have had a baby and fortunately never experienced a mc, but my friend has, and she is now 7 months pregnant and has no problems this time round.
ms jolie Posts: 166
just re-read my post and so sorry, it sounds like Im putting a dampner on your pregnancy, didnt mean to do that.....a huge CONGRATULATIONS to you!!
steen Posts: 1335
Congratulations :o)ll There is a surprising number of girls here who m/c on the first pregnancy (myself included at 10 weeks) but here I am nearing the end of the pregnancy and I completely understand where you are coming from. Each little milestone will be important to you and you will relax into it (hard to believe now but you will) talk to your doctor or consultant and they can arrange for an early reassurance scan. Also there is a pregnant after miscarriage thread here, I don't really post on it but I do have a nosey :-8 There is always tons of support here - we are only ever a post away:xxx Enjoy every moment it is a great experience :lvs
bam bam Posts: 1756
Hey Co. Kerry A huge congrats to you honey. Its a scary time but you just need to try and stay positive. We lost our lo at ten weeks and as you can see this pregnancy is going great now. Not without its worries but as soon as we got our BFP although we were worried it would all happen again we tried to enjoy it, doesn't matter if your 5 weeks or 12 weeks pregnant, the BFP holds the hope of holding your baby at the end of the pregnancy and you should try your best to enjoy it. Come over to pregnant after m/c if you don't want to start posting on your bump month yet, all the girls have been through what you have and there's a few who are quite early on at the moment so will be a great support to you also. Congrats again!!
Dora the explorer Posts: 1570
Firstly - congratulations secondly - try to relax as much as possible. I know its so hard hunny but you need to chill out and take it easy, I have also had a mis and it is awful hard but look at my ticker now. Arrange some early scans to have a goal and to give you some encouragement. Best of luck for the rest of your pregnancy xx
baby2008 Posts: 1254
Hi Co Kerry, Congratulations on your BFP. Its great news and understanably you are worried. As hard it is try to relax and rest as much as you can. Im in the same boat, Im just over 5 weeks and I m/c in November but trying to be positive. I will hopefully see you on the Dec Bump Club (when I finally work up the nerve to join).....
Mrsexcited Posts: 927
congrats Co Kerry and i hope all goes well this time for you. i had a MC myself but as you can see from my ticker going strong this time round. its hard to be happy untill you know all is well but as some of the other girls said book in for early scans and have these as milestones for yourself. stay positive , i know its hard . if you feel like joining us over on the pregnant after MC thread we are all there to support each other. Congrats again