Had first scan yesterday!!

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brideeee Posts: 1490
Hi ladies, Well I had my first scan yesterday. I got kinda nervous before I went in and I turned to DH and said 'I hope there's a baby in there'- daft I know. Well there's only one baby in there and we could see the heart beating away, alll four chambers of it. We were a while in there coz babs was comfortable where they were and wouldn't move little head so she could get enough head measurements. She said my dates are all ok and that it's a big baby (both DH and I quite tall, so I think it will be a pounder) I'm going to get another scan at 22 weeks as she said I was a little early to be scanned yet, but I'm glad about that, another chance to see our little one. The thing is though, although I'm only 14 + 4, I'm really showing now, you would know I'm pregnant if you looked at my tums. I had to tell work yesterday, wanted to wait till after sca, but a woman in work had already been making enquiries as whether I was pregnant (secretly I was delighted about this). Well, I hope I didn't bore you, would be interested to know from the rest of you ladies how soon people noticed you were pg, or when you started to show???? Take care, xx brideeee
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Oh congrats the scans are great aren't they. I haven't told work yet and don't plan on telling them for another while. I am not showing (at night I am but more bloated). I wouldn't worry about showing already though I can't wait for it.
brideeee Posts: 1490
Thanks lms, I don't mind showing I keep saying to DH that I can't wait to have a big roundy belly. I was nervous about telling work, but I work in a lab with lots of chrmicals and biological agents which could be harmful to babs so I kinda had to tell boss as I don't want to put baby in a ny danger. TBH it's a relief too- most of my clothes would be snug enough fitting, it was hard to keep hiding my bubble. How are you getting on? How is your MS, you had it pretty bad there for a while?? xx brideeee
newyearbabs Posts: 686
Thats great Brideeee its brill to see them on screen isn't it? I'm only showing in the last two weeks and its not a bit round bump more likea little football iykwim.
dovedro Posts: 1295
Hi brideeee Congrats on your scan! I had mine at 9.5 weeks and the next one isn't until 19 weeks so I'm dying for that as the last time my little bean was tiny. Hoping to see a nice big baby the next time! I told my job last week I'm not sure if I'm starting to "show" as everyone seems to have different definitions of that but I have to keep my trousers unbuttoned in work and my shirts and struggling under the strain. If I wore something clingy enough I'd look pregnant alright but I'm wearing stuff to hide it as I think I just look chubby at the moment My belly started down low but now it's starting to come out from my boobs so it's the makings of a bump. My consultant said 1st time mums don't usually show until 20 weeks but I can't see that concidering the size of my belly now. I'm really looking forward to having an actual sticky out bump though :o)ll
brideeee Posts: 1490
Hi ya Dove, It's all so exciting isn't it. The scan akes it so real. BUt as for not showing until 20 weeks- I don't think this bubs will wait that long. My skin feels really stretched now. Using my bio-oil twice a day just in case. Have you met anyone yet who 'just knows' without you saying anything. 2 weeks ago, I was much smaller then this girl said twice to me- you look really well, and I just knew that she knew I was pg...Do you think some ppl just have a sixth sense? xx brideeee
dovedro Posts: 1295
Yeah I'm getting a few little stretch marks on my hips already, although I haven't expanded that much so I'm hoping thats not a sign of things to come! To be honest I told all my friends and family as soon as I found out I was pregnant :-8 so there wasn't really anyone else to guess only work people who don't know me that well, so I haven't really come accross that sixth sense thing I think most of my friends would have had me sussed in a few days if I hadn't told them anyway