Nothing was done - I ended up arranging the sitting area in my dress only to return 5 mins later and my sisters had changed them to a sh*te layout in y opinion. It was like a bad Christmas dinner, where everyone comes form dinner and only 5 mins before serving you realize you don't have enough chairs so ppl are sitting on different kinds of Chairs!! (there was armchairs and couches pulled up to small tables ) I realized in the middle of this sitting dnightmare that I never sent out the invitations (so started crying) My sister didn't do any of the stuff she was supposed to i.e table arrangements etc) Then we decided to do the speeches and no one could find the cord for the mike, so ended up half the wedding party routing a wire through the first floor of the hotel into the function room ! Go figure ! Come to think of it the only person who wasn't in the dream was H2B :o0