Had my scan!

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Corks Posts: 355
But I couldn't see that much :o( Firstly it took ages for the doc to find anything at all -I was actually wondering was it all my imagination, was there a babs in there at all! In the 10 seconds of searching I even told myself my lack of AF for the past few months was down to something other than pg!! Anyway he eventually found babs, I saw the head and the spine perfectly but that's all. I commented on how quiet babs was and doc said look at his arm waving around and his legs kicking......I couldn't see them at all and felt myself getting upset. DH was behind doc saying "oh yeah, I see the legs, cool" etc. etc. I started feeling annoyed at DH too cos he could see everything..I actually wondered could he see at all and was he just acting all cool in front of doc!! But I questioned him so much last night about what he actually saw, I do believe he saw the legs and arms. But I didnt!! :o( and am disappointed!!!! But delighted there is a babs there albeit facing down to the ground with bum to my ribs!!!! Asked doc could he tell gender (and added I didnt want to know), all he said was he hadn't checked yet and didnt mention it again. DH said last night he reckons it's a girl, cos he didn't see any (sorry if TMI) humongous you know what! He reckons he is such a stud that if it was a boy we could see its likkle manhood! I also have photos to stare at have decided myself what are the legs and arms! He kept saying "perfect baby" throughout the scan so I'm all happy with that! And my dates are dead on, due 4th December... Did anyone else not see things clearly? It's not just me?
Christmas B Posts: 6191
[color=indigo:33r4rmns]Great to hear baby is doing fine Corks!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll I was the exact same as yourself!! The doctor was pointing out what was what and I just couldn't see what he was telling me. So I just told him that I couldn't see what he was telling me I should be seeing then he just took it really slowly with me and told me exactly what was what!! Next time, ask the doctor to explain it to you, don't be afraid to ask!! :wv Hilarious re your DH and expecting to see a huge ding dong.... I think our men are all the same... tee hee hee!!! :o0 [/color:33r4rmns]
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
:o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll First of all glad baby is doing well! I couldnt see alot at the 2nd scan as baby was postioned the wrong way and even the photos were quite a disappointment,if I stare at them from a distance I can now make it out but during the scan it was hard to see...our first photos were so perfect and clear I was expecting the same but its too hard to compare if baby is facing a different way. Post them up I would love to see baby?
Corks Posts: 355
Thanks ladies! I may just post them up so someone can point out things I can't see!! I work with a couple of docs and was actually going to bring them in to work today to show them but resisted, don't want to seem on the obsessive side already!!!! Jeez, if I did appear obsessive already, what would I be like this time next year! :o0
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Congratulations on the scan Corks! :o)ll Do you have any printouts to study? I found scans at 12 and 20 weeks very clear but the sonographer took the time to point everything out. Don't worry if the baby wasn't moving around loads- they have to sleep too! That's gas about your DH! I've looked at loads of scans online (because I thought I saw a boy) and belive me the ding dongs are tiny! Also the girl "bits" can look much bigger than you think! :ooh Will you have any more scans to look forward to?
apmb Posts: 66
Hi Corks, I had my first scan yesterday too. Was so nervous when I got up on the bed, thinking oh my god, what if its all my imagination!!! But thankfully it wasn't!! Saw baby as soon as doc started searching, once he pointed everything out to me that is. I really only noticed once baby started to wave its arms and legs. Its the most amazing feeling in the world. At least it has put me at ease and I know there's a little baby inside of me.
Sassy Posts: 2269
Thats great girls i'm so happy for the two of you. I know what you mean about being nervous because i am getting my first scan done today and i have it in my head that the doctor won't be able to see anything. Everytime i think of it i feel sick with nerves.
Corks Posts: 355
It is a great feeling Apmb, isn't it? Seems like both of us were quite late with our first scans which probably made us even more apprehensive! Sassy, best of luck today, it will go great and you will come out of there on such a high! Natural to be nervous methinks! But once you see even osmething of your babs on the screen you'll be fine! Corks
apmb Posts: 66
It sure is amazing, Corks. At first, don't know if this is a weird thing to say, but it kind of freaked me out for about 5 seconds, then I had this big grin across my face for ages. I laughed and giggled all the way home. Don't think I'll ever forget the first picture. I'm actually glad now mt first scan was a little later than others because its only another few weeks for 20 week scan, until I see my bundle all over again. I'm sure I'll be nervous as hell again though. Don't worry Sassy, if you think you can't see anything the doc will point it all out to you.
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
where's the photos I wanna see baby,please :o(