Haggling with Hotels

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chewina Posts: 18
Hi Girlies hope everyones plans are going well. How are people getting on with haggling with their hotel. I know of a bride who ended up getting 4 free rooms and money deducted off per head last week when she went in to pay more money.She not getting married until December.. Im dreading approaching mine..not know how to go about it they wont give parent rooms!!!!
daisy2012 Posts: 619
The haggling is really difficult - so don't put yourself under too much pressure to get loads off! If you watched the apprentice last night, it was a negotiationg/ haggling task -- and most of them were crap!!!!
winklefairy Posts: 907
Also I think it depends on the place - I think some are willing to negotiate more than others. My approach was "a lot of the other places we've looked at offer X" or "X seems to be standard in most wedding packages we've seen" Or just "that's more than we were hoping to pay, could we do it for €X? / is there any chance we could get a bit off that?". You get an idea pretty quickly of what they're willing to budge on or not. And I think you've got to pick your battles - decide what's most important for you to get included/reduced and go for those. I think it helps to make a joke after each little negotiation too (especially if you've got what you wanted >:o) ) - keeps things friendly. ("And if you could organise a sunny day for us too that'd be great hahahahahaha....") Good luck and don't be scared!