Haggling with the Ritz

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Tweed_Jacket Posts: 20
Hi all, I'm interested to know any success stories you may have with reducing the prices on certain aspects of the wedding package in the Ritz Carlton in Powerscourt, both the hotel and the house. For example, their corkage is €35 and I would love to hear of anyone getting that down. Of course other things too; bedroom rates, meal rates, etc. I'm interested in putting a spreadsheet together so as I know what I might be able to potentially negotiate down on with their various services. Thanks, Tweed
satc09 Posts: 178
I would be interested to know also as we are considering the ritz for our wedding, thanks in advance :thnk
mpn123 Posts: 3
Hi girls... just saw your comment bout corkage there and thought id let you know that the corkage in Ritz was reduced to 20 euro a bottle for champagne and wine. They told me it used to be 35 euro and 25 euro but they reduced it down for everyone. Just thought you'd like the good news!