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marion12 Posts: 27
anyone know where i can get nice diamonte hair pins to put through an up style thanks
Dixie April 05 Posts: 30
Hi, I got mine in a shop called Pulse in the Square shopping centre in Tallaght. I know that Claire's accessories do them too, but they never had the ones I wanted in stock. I hope this helps, Dixie
notashotgun Posts: 492
there's some nice ones on [url:31mjpmv1][/url:31mjpmv1] not sure about price etc
charlies angel Posts: 230
Check out for some lovely hairpins. They are the ones that Sincerity bridal use in their photo shoots. :)
Miki Posts: 309
I have to say, from shopping around for ideas for hair decorations i was really disappointed with what is available in the shops. Eventually i found exactly what i was looking for at its an american company and they were great, really helpful and it was all done through email - its deffo worth a look.
Mrs Roma 365 Posts: 212
I saw some really nice ones in the bridal section of House of Fraser (Dundrum Town Centre) last week.
Alias Posts: 214
Sorry for the brief hijack, but where is the bridal section in House of Fraser?
MrsSeptB Posts: 95
it's at the left side of the second floor (I think) the one that has the VW bus on it, it is on the left side as you are looking into the store, near the lingere department, it's behind a wall though so you could easily miss it. Very private for a department store