Hair and church decoration disaster!!! Help please!

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sheilanoreen Posts: 5
Hi all, Could somebody please advise. I am getting married in less than 6 weeks. My Aunt offered to decorate the church , the pew ends she made were bad !mainly leaves and flowers didnt look well. Im thinking of buying lace toulle and making a bow and adding a flower. Anyone know where you could buy this? or any advice on how to make nice ones??? Please. The other problem. I had a hairdresser booked for the wedding but only had the trial Friday. Total disaster he made the experience very unpleasant and rushed me out the door. I cant go with him now and I know its only hair but its so important to me. Does anyone have any reccomendations for hair down stlyes suitable for a veil? and any hairdressers that dont cost a fortune in Kildare please. Thanks so much
poppingcandy Posts: 593
Try contacting mandika hair salon, they are in Toughers Ind Est, if that is near you? But they do travel out to you also. It is so important to have someone you are comfortable with on the morning of the wedding, it will help you relax.
jemd Posts: 119
Hi there, I'd check out powder room girls fr you hair, that are amazing and have tons of experience with weddings. With regards to pew ends, check out Pinterest for ideas and tulle can be bought in hickeys/home focus! Good luck x
mrsxtobe Posts: 198
For the pew ends how about something like these. ... z36xYcq2MT TO make them you need rolls of ribbon tulle which you cut any layer they tie with your accent ribbon and add a flower.
Jenron Posts: 259
I'd second Mandika, that's where I'm getting my hair and make up done next week for my wedding! I know all of the girls for years and Mary is unbelievable! If needed, I know she also travels to houses/hotels. As for the pew ends, I like the idea of just the organza ribbon and and a flower, it's very elegant. We're doing something similar with organza and wickers hearts. Hope you get sorted, try not to stress out too much, it will all work out :)
pooch90 Posts: 319
Eternal Flair in Newbridge are great for hair and make up and lovely girls too. They did my hair and make up for a boudoir shoot and were brilliant, even having never met me or known anything about me.
sheilanoreen Posts: 5
Thanks a million everyone. I feel much better. Best of luck with your big day x
ahhhB2B Posts: 25
I cannot recommend Mandika enough! I have them booked for my own wedding next year- both Mary and Kathleen are amazing so relaxed and professional- I get my hair done for occasions all the time and everyone always comments on the hair! Lots of places do the phew ends if you wanted them done- why not ask the person doing your flowers if they will include them in there package? Best of luck x
TheNewMrsR Posts: 2
I had my trail with Powder ROom girls and it was a disaster! I left crying!! I am looking now for another hairdresser in Dublin for end of September.