Hair and Make up Trial??

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DaltonToBe Posts: 130
Hi all, I'm looking at booking my hair and make up trial soon but was just wondering a few things first... I'm thinking of booking it when I have my next girls night out but the only thing is it's about an hour away from where I live and I don't drive so the H2B has said he'd take me there... I know this is really kind of him an all.... but... I really don't want him to see the overall finish as I think this will take away from when he first sees me walking down the aisle?? Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could do.... How did you all go about getting your hair and make up trials?? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks :D
Bride2be040812 Posts: 1182
Normally when you have a hair trial they do a couple of different styles so you can choose which one looks best. So what you come back to the car with may not be the actual one you are wearing on the day. If I were you I would have your trial and make a decision and then ask her to change it a little so there will still be a surprise element. Regarding make up - I know for me the make up, particularly eye make up, would be a lot darker when going out that what I will have it the day of the wedding. So when you're happy with your bridal make up why not ask the artist to make the eyes a little more dramatic. It will change the look of it. Anyway, whatever you decide I am sure that you will look beautiful on the day and that it will look different with your dress! If you're really uncomfortable then I would ask if perhaps your mum or bridesmaids could drive you instead? Make a girls day out of it!! Best of luck!
happycamper2 Posts: 452
I Think it should be left till the day,,, I brought my mam on mine and we made a night of it, she got her hair done and then I stayed in her house... was brilliant as I really dont get that much time with my mam on my own... I think you should get a Bridesmaid or mam to do it..its so exciting... good luck!!!
DaltonToBe Posts: 130
Thanks for the ideas... I'm actually from Jersey so unfortunately my mam isn't over here for that kind of stuff.... It's a shame because I'd love to be going on these kind of outings with her. I'd ask the bridesmaids but they'll be working on this particular day so I don't really want to put that pressure on them as they do so much as it is.... I might Try and get the make up artist and hair dresser to change the look before he collects me again. I like the idea of getting her to make my eyes a little more dramatic for the night out... and sure... no doubt the OH won't actually notice any difference anyway :D ya know what some men are like :D:D:D:D