Hair and makeup Prices

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NemoFish Posts: 2501
What sort of prices are ye all paying for these?
cat woman Posts: 897
hi i got qotes for make up 5o euro for make up and that includes trial, 25 euro for bridemade for hair i got quoted 120 and thats including trial so 60 then for your bridemades and she was doing a deal if you had 5 or more people bride would go free :wv
Milla Posts: 27
I am getting prices at ~€300 for makeup for 4 of us which doesn't include the trial. I am too scared to start quoting hair stylists...
Shopgirl 1 Posts: 660
€700 for hair and make up for 4 people...I was shocked but found most priced similar to come to the house and I suppose its is a very special day and the photos will be on the wall for many years to come so I need to look my best!
mrsmtobe Posts: 125
I'm having Pamela Matthews, got quoted 220 for 5 of us incl false eyelashes if wanted, also incl travel to home :wv She's based in meath
ladyinwaiting Posts: 198
HI Ive been quoted €50 each per hair and per make-up The 2 girls are going to travel together so €50 travel exps [both coming to the house] HTHs :wv