hair and makeup timing with bm's

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realta Posts: 820
Hey girls, myself and my mum are getting our hair done in a salon not too far from my venue and church at 9am. at the moment i'm undecided as to whether or not i'll have the bm's with us there too. i've booked a makeup artist to do all our makeup at the venue- but i've only realised if each person takes 30 mins then we'll need to start makeup at 10am. i think i'd rather have the bm's hair done but is it unfair to expect them to do their own makeup at the venue? i'm due to meet my makeup artist in 3 weeks so i can chat with her about the options but i'm just wondering what other wollies are doing!
whoop Posts: 1310
We started with hairdresser at 7.30am. As one head was done they proceeded to my house for make up. We were like a conveyor belt! This meant we weren't really together at hairdresser but we were all there while make up was being done, coming in at stages so we still had the fun of it all! You need to allow 20 minutes min for hair and approx 30 for full make up per person.