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caramelsquare Posts: 866
I am certain this topic has been covered before, but I need specific product info as soon as possible!!!! I have two questions: 1) Would you consider it acceptable to colour hair while pregnant? 2) If you have coloured your hair, can you recommend a particular brand? I need to cover grey hair every 2 months or so. At the moment I am so embarrassed by the state of my hair but any products I have come across have had at the least some hydrogen peroxide in them, which doesn't sound great for growing baby. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. It is turning into an emergency at this stage - have never looked so grey!!!!
gopro Posts: 1801
I have gotten my hair dyed a few times, although i did leave it til i was 8 weeks to get it done 1st while pregnant. I have to get it done every 6 weeks or so. I go to Peter Marks
starbell Posts: 267
I'm 25 weeks and i have gotten my hair dyed as well. its up to you really.
caramelsquare Posts: 866
Thanks for replies. I suppose my main question is have ye been using a brand that is low on added chemicals? There are a few "natural" products out there from healthfood shop etc, but reading the label there are still a lot of additives that I would prefer to avoid if at all possible. Just wondering!
loulou1 Posts: 233
When I found out I was pregnant I had the same question as you, I popped in to see my hairdresser and had a chat with her of all the different options for hair colour, permanent, semi, hightlight, all that kinda stuff. she really knew what she was talking about. So my advice would be to get all the info from your hairdresser and then make up your mind, cause what someone else is comfortable doing you may not be comfortable doing. All the best with it....
boodlesdoodles Posts: 900
Ive had my hair coloured and highlighted every 6 weeks during my pregnancy. I take all this mumbo jumbo about it being dangerous with a pinch of salt. Everyday i step outside the door im bombarded with chemicals that could apparently harm my baby, what am i breathing in everyday, whats in the shower gel and shampoo im using, the makeup im wearing, or the can of coke im drinking, or the takeaway im eating. Honestly, go get your hair done and enjoy it. I think pregnancy was easier before the internet! >:o)
Chica1 Posts: 793
Have got my hair coloured/highlighted every 7 wks or so since I found out I was PG. My hairdresser is PG also and she did a lot of research on whether colouring is OK or not and she said that the potential effects of it are similar to that of spraying deodourant. She's still dying her hair. I don't know what type of colour/highlights she uses but I'm happy enough to get my hair done while PG as I think the risks are minimal and if I don't get it done I'll look like a badger!
caramelsquare Posts: 866
Okay I may talk to hairdresser so. I am conscious of hair colour when I'm [i:7car81el]not[/i:7car81el] pregnant, as I think the fact that it is left to sit on your head and therefore soak into your scalp is not something I like the idea of. Last time I got my hair coloured in a salon it actually stung the head off me. I find that with hair colour at home I can check what it contains and I have more choice using it, which is why I have been doing that for the past few years. If I didn't have greys coming through I wouldn't bother with colour at all! If anyone does have a brand they recommend I'd love to hear about it. I will do a bit more research anyway. Thanks again :wv
Bigsurprise Posts: 961
I think this is a good article on the subject and generally the NHS website is quite good for this kind of thing ... goryID=131 Basically they say that the very low levels of chemicals are unlikely to cause an issue
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
I've been doing my own dying for years now and when I was pregnant with DD I changed to one of those "natural" ones from the health food shop. TBH, although I can't remember the difference in the ingredients, the smell was just the same! This time round I'm using Clairol semi-permanent and I found one that has no amonia in it (I'm brunette, not sure what colour you're planning) which I feel better about. I'm not a chemist though, so I've no idea if it'll make any real difference. I try to leave it an extra week or two each time I dye, just to reduce the number of times I'm uing the dye throughout the pregnancy. I really need to do it this week though, haven't done it since before Christmas and the badger look is not flattering...