Hair colouring?

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sarahstarlight Posts: 30
Ladies can you please help me. I have had highlights in my hair for about 10 years and I love love love being a blonde bombshell! Problem is my hair has become really damaged the past few months. I am using the best of treatments and products in my hair to try and reconstruct it and build back the condition and I usually try and wait about 10 weeks between each highlights. However I am thinking that I may have to stop the highlights and just colour it a darker colour. Hubby and I have been ttc for a few months and I had planned to keep highlighting my hair during the pregnancy because I am one of these over cautious people who is afraid of using harsh chemicals when it comes to pregnancy. My point being that I know highlife are that little bit safer to use according to research than full colour because it doesn't enter the scalp. Again I know that thousands of pregnant women colour their hair and have perfectly healthy babies but ad I said I am over cautious and paranoid. Can anyone please advise me is it safe to go for full on colour in pregnancy or should I just stick with highlights? Am i going to harm my baby if i use hair colour? Any hair dressers advise would. Be welcome too. Thanks in advance
TTCJAN09 Posts: 595
There are some colours that can not b used. Also my hair dresser said that ur hair may not take the same as b4
babythoughts Posts: 130
I got mine coloured after d 13 week mark. My hairdresser was pregnant at the time and she told me to wait till then and it was a full colour, got it done a few times during my pregnancy and I have a perfectly healthy 2 year old daughter