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tanyababy. Posts: 511
Hi girls I am approx 7 weeks gone. I was just wondering if I am allowed to dye my hair now. Sorry for silly question its just I cannot ask anyone obviously and Im kind of the first of my friends/sisters to be pregnant. Can I still get it dyed blonde at the hairdressers or do it myself with a DIY kit. Thanks
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
To be honest tanyababy it depends on who you ask and it's an area where you will get very conflicting opinions! I got highlights at 11weeks! I wasn't waiting or anything it was just that long before I got around to getting them done! I put a home colour in myself at about 28 weeks (I think) and put another one in yesterday! (That was a disaster but nothing to do with the pregnancy!) If you are using the home colour just be sure the room is well ventilated! The peroxide smell off some of them is vile!!!!
djdee Posts: 2118
my hair needs to be dyed big time as well. TBH I am going to wait till further on in my pregnancy to do it as i dont want to take any risks seens as there is such mixed views on it. I bought two head bands yesterday to cover the greys till I dye it. Babs is more important.
Ellore Posts: 46
[color=indigo:2l5pps9v]Hi Tanyababy - I was worried about this as well so I asked a lot of people and did a little research on the internet about it. As far as I can tell, you'd be better off getting highlights in a hairdressers rather than an all-over home colour, as with highlights the colour (and therefore the chemicals) is brushed onto your hair and is kept away from your scalp, whereas with an all-over colour the chemicals can get into your bloodstream through your scalp. Also, I noticed that the first time I got my highlights done while pregnant (I think I was about 11 weeks) the colour turned out slightly different than it normally does, not green or anything, but there was definitely a difference in the shade of blonde (the same girl always does my hair and she used the exact same colours). I think it's something to do with the increased level of hormones in early pregnancy. So if you were thinking of using an all-over colour at home you might want to take that into consideration as well. Maybe go to a hairdressers you wouldn't normally use (seeing as you want to keep your news secret for now) and ask their head colourist for advice. Of course I did get a couple of people telling me "[i:2l5pps9v]you shouldn't colour your hair at all when you're pregnant[/i:2l5pps9v]" but it's hard enough feeling cr&ppy without looking cr&ppy as well... hope this helps.. [/color:2l5pps9v] *)
tanyababy. Posts: 511
thanks guys,its hard to know what to do. I would hate to risk doing it even if someone says its ok. It just takes one person to say that its dangerous to do it to put me off. My roots are not too bad at the moment so I will try and leave it till end of Oct when i will be 12 weeks gone and then maybe dye it brown so I wont have to do it again until babs is born. I just hate the thought of blonde hair and brown roots- it looks tacky *)
madhatter Posts: 212
Why not get vegetable based dyes... something like Naturatint! No ammonia in it.. and it covers 100% grey!
Toots12 Posts: 894
Tanyababy, I was worried about this too and asked my consultant - he said it's perfectly fine for both highlights and fake tan (just in case you need to know!!). I agree with other posters that highlights in the salon are probably a better bet than home dyes, and you can always tell them that you're pregnant and ask them to go easy on the amount they're putting in.
Long Legs Lizzy Posts: 233
hey, I looked this up as I wanted to dye hair and it needs it badly, but you're not to dye in the first 3 months and if you are to dye then it's ok to use semi permanent dyes also to dye in well ventillated area. am actullay dying hair at mo. hope this helps lizzy
wombats Posts: 665
girls it depends on how strict you want to be throughout your pregnancy, I got my highlights done every 6 weeks during pregnancy and have a healthy ds now. You need a bit of pampering, it's hard enough being pregnant without letting your hair go to sugar too! just my opinion!