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*Lexi* Posts: 2600
hi guys i was hoping to grow my hair for the wedding(in july) but its not long enough. I was thinking of getting hair extensions but dont have a clue :-8 do any of you have any advice?are they very expensive ?do they wreck ur hair and also can u recommened a good hairdresser that does them(im in wexford but would travel within reason) thanks :thnk
jaykay Posts: 452
hi i would just go with clip in extensions,the glue in ones do wreck your hair...and esp if your goin away on honeymoon aswell. if you have a hairdresses,maybe get her to go with you to get them,so you match up colour,myself and my b/m will be using them aswell. my friend always puts them in herself if she has an occ,and they look fab. go to your local hairdresser and ask if your not sure where to buy them,i know in hair shop in dun-laoghaire its about 60 euro for a bag?
Daisymaisy Posts: 171
Clip in extensions are best. I'm wearing them for my wedding. I had extensions years ago and they totally wrecked my hair, do not even think about getting them unless you want to do the same. Clip in extensions look fab!
thebrideof2009 Posts: 1416
hi dont attempt to glue or weave them in get the clip in ones salon services near you or wherever mae sure they can be used wit ghd as if not there useless to ya im a hairstylist n specialise in brides so its so much easier to do an upstlyle or curls or whatever you want if youve an all over colour in your hair n the shades not there get slightly lighter colour n darken then down with the colour same as in your hair... if you get mech nget the same blonde as your own but if your a regular to a slon maybe they weave colours same as your own going through them hth :wv
*Lexi* Posts: 2600
thanks for that any shops that u can recommened would be great :o)ll :thnk
bridezilly Posts: 343
check out im getting em for wedding for half up style to add a bit of length !
ela28 Posts: 2552
hi lexi my hairdresser charges 150 for extensions,clip in extensions are best as the glue in ones can pull chunks of your own hair out when they are been taken out,clip in extensions look fab :wv
Teeny10 Posts: 566
I'm thinking of getting the clip in extensions - my hairdresser on the day said she would do them for me - so it's one less thing to have to buy.
*Lexi* Posts: 2600
im getting married abroad so i will have to bring them with me hopefully the hairdresser there will be able to put them in
kookiegal Posts: 1150
I got clip in extensions in Salon Services for a wedding I attended on Fri and I have to say my hair looked fab. They are really natural and cost 60euros for a full head of extensions!