Hair extensions when prenant

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mrssunflower Posts: 3651
Hi Girls Just wondering..... I got my hair cut into a bob months ago but I f-ing hate it now because its growing so quickly that I look like a 6 year old and I have to keep getting it cut. My friend does extensions but is it wise to get these done when you are pregant? or will they fall out after babs comes?
chicam Posts: 1169
God I couldn't tell you for sure (sorry, didn't want to read and not post) but I know they say about hair colouring etc. that you shouldn't do it before 12 weeks. Check with the hairdressers, they're bound to know.
Belinda Posts: 142
Hi Mrs Sunflower I am not sure either but just to let you know they say you shouldn't get your hair dyed while pregnant but my sis is a hairdresser and I was constantly getting my hair dyed during my pregnancy with no bad side effects. Maybe a hairdresser on here would be better to advise but I personally think if we stopped doing everything they tell us not to do during pregnancy life would be pretty dull. Oh and just to add, my sis had a full head of hair extentions put in (costing her about $1000) and pulled them out a week later. She couldn't stand the feel of them she had a constant headache and said her hair felt like it was dirty and crawling with critters :o0 Sorry don't want to put you off and there are heaps of people have them put in so they mustn't be too bad really.
Jeidi Posts: 3128
Its so funny but I always pictured you with long hair :eek
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
Thanks girls I'm more worried about them falling out after babs comes because your hair is meant to fall out more. is that right? Its no way near $1000 more like 200 but I really hate how I look. I actually think my hair looks like charlie brown's friend with the brown hair!! I even have it cliped into a bump at the moment :o0 Jeidi its mad how you think people look :o0
brndette21 Posts: 1
Falling hair during pregnancy is one of the concerns of the pregnant women today. You may consult a doctor for some other relevant information about that matter. Listen as he/she relays to you the solution for that.
beckyjustbecky Posts: 402
You do start to lose hair about 4 months after the baby s born an average, some sooner some later. The most youll get out of Exts is 3 months. So depending on how far along you are, I say go for it!