hair falling out

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fancypants Posts: 453
Hi - just wondering if anyone has had this before - Basically my hair is falling out loads since I stopped Breast feeding two weeks ago. I know that this can happen post delivery/ stopping feeding - But it is really annoying me I am finding my hair everywhere - all over my pillow, clothes etc and everytime I look at the baby she seems to have a strand in her hand/ mouth/ clothes etc - it is really annoying me now! - How long should this go on for?? ta
grumpy Posts: 1280
My ds will be 5 months on Thursday, and its been going on since he was 3 months 1 week :eek! Its not so bad now, but still more than normal.
chilledout Posts: 834
I'm the same! Started when DS was three months. Every time I wash my hair I get enough hair in the plug to knit DS a jumper! I was expecting the hair loss but I didn't think it would go on for so long. My hoover is totally blocked up. I even found a hair in DS nappy yesterday, poor thing!
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
I actually got this DURING my first pregnancy but not after. Obviously this happens after birth too then? It must be a hormone thing. I don't think there is much you can do other than wait for it to eventually settle down. Try asking GP about it, or perhaps try a health food shop re vitamins, or a herbal treatment, maybe?