Hair flowers - any ideas?

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Pebbles3 Posts: 77
Hi wollies :wv Just looking for your help - id like some kind of headpiece. Think flowers are nice and also cheaper then custom made things so heres the question for ye - Has anyone bought a hair flower for their wedding day? Just wondering where ye got them, what price are we talking about and if a veil sat over them ok? Thanks a mil :lvs
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
Very interested in these replies also O-O
Best of Buds Posts: 227
If its fresh flowers you were looking for it would be good to talk to your florist. Flowers can be attached to combs, hairbands or individual clips so it depends what type of design you would like. Its also good to talk to your hairdresser as she would be able to give you ideas. Singapore orchids are a lovely flower for the hair as they are very pretty and longlasting. Hope this helps a bit Carrie
Michael Costello Posts: 155
HI Wollies, i would agree with what Carrie has just said, For me personally it really alll depends on what style you are going for, as in what hair style, like you could be going for the Shabby chique look like Cath in Celebrity Big Brother, all gathered to one side with a large flower. Or you could have very simple white singapore orchids dotted troughout your hair. I think its a topic that needs to be discussed between bride, florist and hairdresser. Good luch with youe decision. Michael. [email protected]
Pebbles3 Posts: 77
hey again, Thanks for the replies so far all - just to be more clear its silk flowers that i am looking for to go with a side upstyle. any more ideas?? :thnk
spanishb2b Posts: 1261
Hi! I got a single cymbidium orchid to wear in my hair on our wedding day. Just had my hair in quite a simple up-style that gathered at the nape of my neck with veil coming from the top of the up bit and the flower coming from the side, iykwim! Anyway, the site I ordered from was [url:1aiptdek][/url:1aiptdek]. She was really nice to deal with. HTH!
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
spanishb2b your an O:o) thats in line to what I was looking for x
JP TO BE Posts: 125
I have searching around the web for a silk type flower for side upstyle also and while I found it in the shop in boston for $49 where I bought my dress [last week!!! :eek :o)ll ] - I am going to buy one cheaper with much more variety of options online - here are 2 websites so far; Hope that helps :)
JP TO BE Posts: 125
Oh Many More & Way Cheaper on :wv