Hair greasy after 12 week blowdry

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artois75 Posts: 80
Hi girls I had this done last Tuesday and have had to wash it 3 times since. would usually get 3 days out of it, now I have to wash it every second day and even at that have to spray dry shampoo on it. It was the Brazilian blowout I had done. has this happened to anybody else? hoping it might wear off after a week or 2, otherwise i'll be really annoyed!!
MaggieBee Posts: 1047
Yeh i got it done before and it happened to me too, just remember my hair feeling kind of gunky if u get me, like you'd know there was product in it? But it did hold a blow dry better as in my hair wouldn't go fuzzy and would stay totally sleek after I blow dried it, think that must be the toss up of it!! Hope it calms down a bit for you.
JaneyD Posts: 8
Did you leave it without washing it for a few days after you got it done like they recommend you do?
artois75 Posts: 80
Hi JaneyD I asked the hairdresser if I should and she said no just do whatever you normally do. by day 2 it was manky so I had to wash it!!
Terri1 Posts: 1158
Do ye think it's worth getting? Would love to get it.
artois75 Posts: 80
Hi Moley Well provided the greasiness goes away, i would recommend it cos my hair is frizz free now. It was the Brazilian blowout i had done, it would have cost E280 for my length hair, but luckily i got 50% off as they were running a promotion. my hair is dyed red and it did fade it a bit but i had been warned dat wud happen. will let u know how i get on over the next week!