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mandibee Posts: 305
Hi Girlies Need you help... I am going to a wedding this day two wks (4th Sept ) & i am looking for a purple (Cadburys dairy milk colour) Hair fascinator, Clip, etc to go with my outfit. Has anybody seen anything on their travels??? All suggestions welcome Thanks a mill Mandibee :wv
keyra Posts: 801
Hi Mandibee, There is this one in coast for €32 [img:15ltlqdx][/img:15ltlqdx] and also loads on ebay, with 2 weeks still to go, there is plenty of time to buy from ebay.
ms organised Posts: 1069
What about this from Debenhams? ... 1030079_-1 HTH :wv
mrsmaybride2010 Posts: 843
hi there is a shop offf the top of grafton street called costelloe and costelloe. they do all accessories and might have what you are looking for....
mandibee Posts: 305
Thanks for you help girls.... Ill look into all of these xx