Hair Loss after MC

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LittlePudding Posts: 42
I've posted this in TTC also. I had a MC in December at 12 weeks pregnant. Starting last week my hair started to fall out a lot lot more than normal in the shower and when i brush it. It is starting to worry me now. I did a google search and seen a mention that you can lose a lot more hair than normal usually 3 to 4 months after a shock/ operation/ childbirth or miscarriage. Has this happened to anyone else? I definitely didn't lose this much after having my DS. And I'm now 4.5 months after MC. I've made an appt with the doctor for tomorrow morning.
Salander Posts: 1639
i'm very sorry for your loss. a couple of months after i had dd - i was pulling loads of hair out of the hair brush way more than usual, also losing a lot more when washing etc - plughole wasn't fun to clean! its probably just the hormones clearing out of your system. hope the doc puts your mind at ease.
sunny505 Posts: 1807
Very sorry for your loss Little Pudding. I've no advice on your direct question. Just to say I had a conversation with hairdresser about hair loss after pregnancy - apparently when pregnant you lose very little hair and then afterwards you make up for it. He strongly reommended Redken's Advance shampoo - it's meant to stop the hair loss. Could be worth a try.
MRS NYEB2007 Posts: 3275
Little pudding, don't want to frighten you but I had a MC in Feb and since then have been diagnosed with alopecia - I have 2 tennis ball size bald patches - now I do have a good bit of hair and its all at the back and I can hide it well - but no more high ponies for me!! As well as the MC in Feb I lost my Mam end of Dec so it was all a double whammy. The doc won't do anything for you expect perhaps refer you to a dermatologist - I am still waiting on my appointment!!! A hairdresser friend advised me to rub in white vinegar at night - something about it stimulating the foliciles (sp**) - only doing it for a few days and still bald as an egg but sure its worth a shot although smelling like a chipper is not good Best of luck to you