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Shell Sept Belle Posts: 356
This was probably asked before but I can't seem to find a similar link on this form. :? Could you guys tell me, roughly, how much the hair and make up would cost on the morning of the wedding? I'm going to a hairdressers and beautician near each other and will be paying for 4 upstyles and makeup for 4 of us. Also, will the hair and make up trials cost the same price as on the actual day, or will they be less?
GerGra Posts: 6
Hiya Had my make-up trial on Sat. Cost €40. She spent about 1 hr on me. Really liked the finished result but thinking about it, she put alot of eye make-up on me. Don't know if this is appropriate. What do you think? Cost of make-up on the day: €50 for my make-up and €40 each for bridemaids and mother of the bride. Is this reasonable?
SummerDays Posts: 665
From the quotes I receives 100 Euros for hair and makeup per person seems to be the going rate... Atleast in Dublin anyway... :oops:
Bridezilla07 Posts: 2237
It looks like I'll be paying about €280 for make-up and about the same for hair. That includes trials and 2 bmaids...... :?
007 Posts: 1462
i know its crazy, i have four bridesmaids for hair and make up plus my mum and obviously myself, ive got a few prices back and its scary.. between hair and make up for the 6 of us at the house its going to cost me the guts of €900..ahhh
Shell Sept Belle Posts: 356
Oh my God, those prices are way more than I had thought. :shock: I got an upstyle 2 weeks ago for a friends wedding and it cost me €36... so I was going to go on that. I hope they don't hike up the price because it's a wedding... like everything else! :roll:
Little Kitty Posts: 914
in total hair and make-up for myself and my two bridesmaids is working out about €490 this is inclusive of travel expenses as I'm getting married down the country and the hair and make-up artist is coming to my house on the morning of the wedding. I know it's costly but to be honest I don't intend to be rushing around from salon to salon on my wedding day stressing out!! It's worth it for a calm, relaxed bride!!!! [url=] [img:26fbf7jj];10716;6/st/20070908/e/I+marry+my+soulmate/dt/6/k/76aa/event.png[/img:26fbf7jj] [/url]
007 Posts: 1462
they average at 220 for the call out and the first three people, its around 50 each after that and as i have 6 of us in total its going to cost quite a bit alright!! but what can you do? if thats the price you either pay it or dont get it.. id be too nervous to do my own makeup on the day in case it turns out crap in the pictures, i know it would look fine on the day but sometimes in photographs makeup that looks lovely in natural day light etc makes you look pale in pix..
clooch Posts: 2
I think that there are some real misconceptions when it comes to the makeup and hair thing here in Ireland. When it comes to makeup and hair you REALLY get what you pay for. Having said that there are definately some chancers out there. I have seen some disasters that were done by "professionals". When it comes to makeup and hair it is really about how long the technician has been doing this work. It really is a matter of the longer in business the better. To pay €35 or even €100 for your makeup or hair for your wedding day is ridiculous. It is not possible to achieve a "magazine" look from the people who are charging these amounts. If you don't really know/understand the difference in the end result, then I suppose it doesn't matter. Wedding makeup and hair needs to be a MUCH better version of yourself. Your wedding day is not the time to go in for a "make-over". It is easy to slap loads of product on a face or in your hair and call it beauty. The goal should be to get people who improve you to the level that you still look like you but a fresh and more beautiful version. Look at magazines. Look at the people who are doing a great job at the makeup and hair. These are the people you should be booking for your BIG DAY. And yes, it costs more than €35 to have it done. Real talent does not come out of a salon unfortunately. Real talent only comes from the "session" world. Which means people who are working within the actual fashion and magazine world. Their work is scrutinized daily by a lense that doesn't lie. Bottom line is that for the masters you will pay €200-400 for a brides makeup and the same again for her hair. For the additional ladies in your group you can add about €100 for the hair/makeup each. Maybe the rest of the girls should go to a salon a spring for the €35???
corkcuu Posts: 606
And let me guess clooch you can offer your expert services to us for 400!