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dhidra Posts: 3147
Anyone able to reccommend people for my hair and make-up in the co. meath area? resonable prices preferable! thanks
roxylou Posts: 173
You should check out that hairdressers/beauticians in Super Valu in Johnstown just outside Navan town. Heard lots of good things about them and a girl from work got hair and make-up there last year for her wedding and she looked great on the day. Not sure of prices but they are very reasonable for most things!
Mrs Malefesense Posts: 1440
I had a day's spa treatments and my make up done at La Royale, Navan as a treat. They even arranged my hair appointment with a sister salon. I would give them a big thumbs up. If you want the contact details let me know and I'll pm them to you
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Can I just say that I used to go to the beauticans beside SuperValu and they weren't great at all. I used to get my eyebrows shaped. Everytime I'd get them waxed and I come home with sooo much wax still on my face :oops: I also used to get eyebrows and eyelashs tinted. I'm very fair and I always asked for my eyelashs to be very dark which she did but the corners would rarely be done and they'd still be blond. My eyebrows I asked to be a little darker then they are currently - like a dark blonde and I always came out jet black :oops: :oops: Not great looking when you're a redhead. I stopped going to them for my hair because they don't have a clue what to do with curly hair, but I can't speak for people to don't have curly hair. I found a new beautican in Ratoath and although I've only been once to get the eyelashs done she did a great job. I do my own eyebrows but I think I'll go to her to get these done to coz she's fair and her own look great. If you want her details just pm me. It's great to hear about Royale, I'm going there next week to get a tan trial done - hopefully it'll come out ok.
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Sorry also meant to say that I got my makeup done in there aswell and it wasn't great. I was orange when I got home but after a while it did calm down and turned a better colour!! I was really disappointed because the place is so handy for me and it is reasonably priced and I really wanted to use them for my wedding. Anyway I have a girl coming to the house on the morning instead who did a great job.
dhidra Posts: 3147
thanks for the replies gobnaith, where is that girl from that's doing your make-up on the day. you have a trial? hwo much do trials usually cost? (hair and make-up)
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Dhidra I've booked Etain Delaney. She's from dublin but travels to Meath. Myself and BM had a trial not so long ago and it turned out great. I had to go to work later that evening and no exaggeration the sweat was running down my face coz I was running around place. I really expected the makeup to be half way down my face by teh time i got home but it wasn't. It looked perfect all day I was really really impressed. I'll pm you her number if you like. She uses mac and makeup forever and really does know her stuff. The price really depends on how many people she is doing makeup for. I contacted a load of makeup people and Etain was one of the more reasonably priced. As far as I remember her details are on the supplier page.
dhidra Posts: 3147
thanks for that! ill go have a look
Grace Ann Posts: 2464
just out of curiosity gobnaith, have you found someone to do your hair, Im not sure who to get to do mine. how far in advance should we book hair and makeup girls?? Thanks x