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3for2013 Posts: 145
Hey All Went for my trial today and have to say abit disappointed. I brought pics of both hair and make up thai really liked and they didnt really turn out the way i really hoped they would..... Dont wont to sound like bridezilla cos even mum said - u picked your dress venue flowers in about two mins - u normally sooooo easy going but you just not happy with the hair and make up... my dad said i looked pale, mum said she liked make up but hair looked like a fake bitof hair pinned on back of my head and H2B said 'hon u look lovely but if i being honest u do you do your own make up better... so now i totally stuck cos i my gut at the trial was ' i not mad on this at all'. For me the hair and make up has to be PERFECT>>>> in my thinking once that right you could wear a black sack and still look amazing. So really looking for some guideance in the hair and make up department. i want someone who will do the natural look with a bit of sunkissed look rather than the pale is better look... and a very understated hairstyle rather than than curly/rolled upstyle look.dont get me wrong. thinks that great on people but it just doest suit me at all...... and really want professionals instead of doing myself up on the the morning ofmy wedding....want H2B to see something abit special. anyone any good trials recently??? Getting married in oct so still plenty of time but just want toget sorted soon if possible xxxx
SunnyK Posts: 3834
Hi Kevsfatso, I've not had any trials or anything but I know that on here a lot os the ladies recommend Powder Room Girls - they do both hair and make up and will come to your venue. Also I'm not sure where you are based but if anywhere near a BT2 / Brown Thomas you could maybe go to MAC and get a makeover and see how you get on then try book one of the girls for your wedding day. Best of luck! :compress
mamajen Posts: 2263
Alyson Smyth is amazing for makeup, she's s supplier on here - still get all my beauty treatments from her now. Sandra Berstock from the Powder Room Girls is amazing too, she is honest and will tell you if she doesn't think something will suit you. My hair and all my BM's hair were amazing on the day, none of us had up do's. There are pics of our hair and makeup on my wedding report if you want to get an idea of what they can do.
Sassypants Posts: 4461
[quote="mrsfago":1zbhxqxm]Alyson Smyth is amazing for makeup, she's s supplier on here - still get all my beauty treatments from her now.[/quote:1zbhxqxm] +1 for Alyson! She's my make up artist for my wedding and I'm so excited about it. My trial was brill and when I said "not 100% sure about it" she changed it to exactly what I wanted. best of luck!
cheekywife2011 Posts: 1076
I had a make up trial with Pamela Matthews a couple of weeks ago and i have to say it was brilliant was really natural would highly recommend her and she is so lovely to deal with
Blossom Cherry Posts: 2701
Don't be disheartned!! It's called a trial for a reason. Just book another hair and make-up trial with someone else!! Don't settle until you are THRILLED! I've heard great thing about the Powder room girls also. Where are you based so we can give you some recommendations?
happyfamily Posts: 3323
What part of the country are you in? Do a few more trials and hold out for someone you're really happy with!
Glamour By Dawn Posts: 158
Hi Kevsfatso, Try not to be stressed about it - this is exactly what trials are for. First of all, have you expressed your concerns with the hair and makeup artists after the trial? Did they follow up with you? You should go through some galleries of some other artists that cover the area you are getting married in. Email and check availabilty and go for another trial. I know the costs of trials add up, and you do not want to have to go for loads. Bring lots of pics of what you like and most importantly tell them what you DONT like. What part of the country are you in? Go to the supplier section here and check some out and make sure you check their feedback too :) Hope this helps, Dawn xx
3for2013 Posts: 145
Thanks so much for all the advice....... think i just need to be more precise with what i want and if not 100% happy just say so. I am sure they wont be offended if I want to tweek things. :wv
deborahcurranmakeup Posts: 174
Hi Kevsfatso, I'm sorry you were not happy with your trial, as Glamour by Dawn said, it's always essential to give feedback to your hair and makeup people. Your bridal trial is not the time to say 'it's lovely, thanks' :) the way we do in the hairdressers and then head home and style it our own way :weep . Total honesty is required, the MUA probably won't have met you before and the only way to rectify any concerns is to say it. I always give my brides the option to come back to me if they have aby concerns and sometimes it can be as simple as a shade of lipstick. The main thing is that you have to be comfortable with the makeup / hair. If you relay your concerns and you don't get any help then look elsewhere, in addition to sites like WOL ask the wedding planner in your hotel for recommendations and also your photographer, they see hair and makeup all the time and will give honest feedback. Also give the makeup artist or hairdresser a call beforehand and see if you can build up a bit of trust before heading off to pay out more cash. Finally to all brides, if you are not happy with the trial, do not pay a deposit tell the supplier that you will call them tomorrow and take 24hours to make sure you are happy. Good luck, :wv Deborah Curran Makeup Artist