Hair/Make up trials??

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Bliss10 Posts: 12
Can anyone tell me how many hair/make-up trials they had before their wedding? Also how close to the wedding did you start them? My wedding is in December and I haven't picked a hairdresser yet :-8 Thanks!
molarkey Posts: 19
I would start looking now. A couple of hairdressers I approached were booked for my date at the end of Nov.
Elban26 Posts: 2458
I had one make up trial about a month before the wedding and one hair trial about six weeks before. I was thrilled with both so didn't need anymore but everyone is different.
lilpink Posts: 1
I'd have at least one trial in each. Get it done early and then ya wont have to worry about it. And if you need to change you skin or hair routine. start early.