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J16 Posts: 40
Hi All. Without wanting to sound like a drama queen... what is the norm when you book a hair dresser to come to your house? I booked mine in Feb. of last year for this June. We didn't agree a time. I was in touch with her this week and she wanted to start at 8am as she wants to get back to the salon, she has another wedding booked in (after I booked mine). I didn't want her coming to the house until about 10.30am as the wedding isn't until 2pm. Its only me, one BM and one FG. She said at a push she'd come at 9.30am which means she'll probably come earlier. I don't want us sitting there by 11am with our hair ready and us going nowhere until 1.30pm. I'm paying her for a service I would have thought I should be calling the shots not her? Thoughts? I really don't want to fall out with her now nor do I want any negativity on the morning of the wedding but I'm so mad with her.
mrsshorty Posts: 67
Im in the exact same boat as you, so just jumping in here to see what advice you get. My hairdresser has said she'll be at our house for 8.30am as well and my wedding isn't until 3.30!! There will be five of us (myself and 4 bridesmaids) so it will take a while longer than OP but im still afraid there will be a lot of waiting around, and that updo's might start looking a bit tatty after waiting around for half the day before the ceremony. Any advice for me... Im all ears!
lorrimar Posts: 837
Our wedding was at 3pm and the hair-dresser arrived at 9 a.m There were 5 of us - 4 upstyles and 1 curly blow-dry. We had plenty of time for everything without feeling rushed. I'd say all the hair & make-up was done by around 12.30-12.45
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
I had mine done at 7.45am - wedding wasn't til 1pm. I was finished at 9am then bridesmaids next. I would rather they came early as if something happens like a car break down, like equipment breaking down (the straighteners blew up the night before when I was in getting a blow dry!) or you don't like it etc. there are time for corrections. And don't worry about anything happening your hair if you are sitting about, if the hairdresser is worth their salt then it will be perfect for the whole day.
mrsshorty Posts: 67
you both have put my mind at ease, thank you very much!!
J16 Posts: 40
MrsSparkle2B my problem isn't that it will fall down or anything, we planned a later wedding so everything would be nice and relaxed. I don't want to have to get up at the crack of dawn just to suit my hairdresser. I'm afraid she's going to be rushing us regardless as she has since booked in another wedding for when she gets back to the salon. I had a trial last week but she decided then she'd put in extensions on the day to bulk it up a bit and I just know in my heart she's going to be rushing to get back to the salon so I already feel like I won't have her full attention even though I booked her 16 months in advance of the wedding. lorrimar my problem is the opposite, I don't want to be sitting around all morning ready. There are only 2.5 or hair and 3 for makeup. If they start at 9am everything will be done by 11am and we're not leaving until 1.30pm.
craftyPB Posts: 2625
If she arrives at 9, sets up etc, she will be ready to go by 9:20 - you'll take an hour (assuming it's curls/plait/updo etc), BM would be about 50mins and then maybe 30mins for the FG - that brings you to 11:40/11:45 - then it's time for everyone to get into their dresses - now it's 12:15/12:20 - time for photos (30-40mins) and then your nice and relaxed ready to go at 13:15/13:30. You'll be surprised how quickly the morning goes! It's such a fun time! If you're worried about her not giving you full attention why not look into booking someone else?
J16 Posts: 40
craftyPB she has booked in another wedding in her salon so I know for a fact she's going to want to be back up there by 11am as she has 4 heads to do for that wedding and they need to be out by 1pm. Hence why I think she will rush us. I just wish she didn't have another wedding booked and I won't be as concerned about her not giving me the service I'm paying for. I'm starting to look at others now but at this stage it's unlikely I'll find someone else and will have to pay for another trial.. grrr!
Tipp2016 Posts: 72
I feel for you . You booked and know doubt paid a deposit for a service that it looks as if you won't be getting fully . When you booked did she say she would be with ye until ye leave for ceremony as MUA and hair stylist I have booked have guaranteed they will be there for find touch ups if needed and won't be leaving house until I am . Do you have such a guarantee in terms and conditions or anything ? I don't blame you for feeling like you do . My MUA told me it's my day , I'm paying big money for a service so I should dictate times etc and what I want to have it as stress free as possible . I thought it was really nice to hear that someone values the business and how important the day is . I really hope you get to book someone else your happy with and you get your deposit back . Best of luck .
E.Rose Posts: 188
Both my hair dresser and make up artist will be waiting til i leave to do final touch ups. I think it's poor form, after you booked her so far in advance that she has double booked the day and is working you around her schedule. I'm sure she's getting paid enough that you should have no worries. I understand that it's awkward to have to discuss this kind of stuff though. She has put you in an awkward position. Try not to worry about it, but if it's bothering you, maybe check around for someone else? I booked mine only a few weeks ago for this June also