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Sophie06 Posts: 12
Hi girls, I showed my hairdresser a picture of an upstyle I like, she said a hair piece would be prefer with my own hair. I have curly hair. Anyone every used one, anyone know where I could get one. Thanks
Loola Posts: 121
[color=green:ztz5aq9u]Hi Sophie06 I am having this hair piece made. I looked everywhere for one. I knew what I was looking for in my head but couldn't find it anywhere. But if you are looking for ideas google hair piece or do a search on this website for some. This website will give you a few places that do them in Ireland. there are some beautiful ones out there. Loola [/color:ztz5aq9u] [url=][img:ztz5aq9u][/img:ztz5aq9u][/url:ztz5aq9u]
mad woman Posts: 22106
if its just a piece of hair you need you can buy them in boots or claires and take the grip out, they work just as good, mention it to your hairdresser and see what she thinks....
MrsBabygirl Posts: 200
There is a place on talbot street called Not to Worry.. It's across from the big Guine's (sp) and they do real hair pieces, not expensive.. Mrsbabygirl
Loola Posts: 121
[color=green:2a269ee5]Oops I thought you ment hair jewlery. Sorry. [/color:2a269ee5] [url=][img:2a269ee5][/img:2a269ee5][/url:2a269ee5]
Sophie06 Posts: 12
Thanks girls, didn't realise Boots did them, must have a look and will check out that place in Dublin. Dont worry Loola didn't really know what to call it when I was writing it.
ChloeOct06 Posts: 1466
don't know if you ever get to London but Selfridges have a whole section of them.. on the opposite end of the scale Camden Market has them too. I have dark brown curly hair and found exact match .. they were £8.. lots of different lengths.. I've only used them for fancy dress.. but to be fair they didn't fall out even after hours of racous dancing.. and everyone thought it was real because it exactly matched my hair. people kept saying god your hair has got so long since i saw you last.