Hair qoute - does this seem expensive ?

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puggle Posts: 848
I got a quote for a hairstylist to come to my house for the wedding. She charging 360 for 4 people and 60 for the trial? Seems very expensive to me, I though hair would be cheaper than makeup? What do you think? Can anyone recommend a hairstylist?
Biancee fiancee Posts: 907
360 for 4 people seems a bit on the high side to me... 90 each!! I would have thought 60-65euro per head would have been more like it.. i recommend Trevor Killeen, he does hair and make up...hope this helps O-O
Enchantress Posts: 1509
Seems way too expensive to me - €90 a head :eek not a chance! I was thinking more like €50 a head...
Bright Star Posts: 756
Dat is very way :eek i would shop around before paying that.Ours is €280 incl trial for me 3 bms & my mam!!!!
ms crooner Posts: 621
Brightstar Thats a very good quote you got. I was quoted €60.00 per head and thats a basic upstyle and the trials are €40.00 needless to say over the crimbo I will be doing a bit of shopping. Thats like €400.00 for me for the day.