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Dee24 Posts: 608
Ok - this has been bugging me for a while now and I just have to get it off my chest. My sister is a hairdresser and she is doing my hair for my wedding. I love her to bits - but she can be a bit sensitive to critisism (sp?), and so I dont want to keep saying, oh I dont like it. Basically, I'm looking for something very similar to the pic below - I have bob lenght naturally curly hair, and would just like it tonged into loose curls. But the last 2 trials I've had - She puts the tongs too close to the root, and both times I've ended up coming out looking like a poodle. Sorry just had to rant - and i'll feel really bad if I say anything else to her. O:| [img:19zpdvlq][/img:19zpdvlq]
streaks Posts: 3592
Hi Dee24, mite sound like a silly question but does it fall down at all? The curl might relax after a while? I usually end up with really tight curls initially but they relax after a bit.. if not Im thinking you might just have to bite the bullet and say to you sis in the nicest possible way its just not what you had pictured in your head, its your wedding day so your entitled to be fussy!! :wv
stephyb Posts: 1439
it might not be the fact that it's too close to the root, it might be the size of the tongs? thin tongs give really close proper curls, medium tongs give proper curls that are slightly looser and wide tongs give more of a wave than a curl. i have naturally curly just above shoulder length hair, and i'm tonging my top layer ( just to neaten up) with medium tongs, then running my fingers through them to pull them down a bit so they're not so ringlety. what your hair like the next day? you could get it curled and go to bed and have them nice and loose the next morning? x