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Nyom Posts: 4
Hi there, I'm having a bit of a panic about my hair. I planned to use my usual hairdresser in Dublin but realised I should stay in Durrow the night before the wedding to aboid panics on the day and his salon were looking for a fortune for him to come down. So I'm on the hunt for someone who can travel on the day but I'm running out of time :( I had one trial and the girl was lovely, i thought i'd go with her, but looking back at the photos of the style you can see loads of clips sticking out of my hair and it was falling down at the front and back within 2 hours. I'm afraid to go with her because of that and afraid to fork out for another trial with her in case I still have to find someone else afterwards! Perhaps someone knows of someone close to Durrow who could do a good soft upstyle (just not something that looks like a big stiff ball of hair stuck onto my head!) as a blow-in I haven't a clue! I feel really silly to be in this position so late (wedding in April) but I wanted my usual guy to do it so badly that I fooled myself into thinking I could go to the salon in the morning first but now I know that was a bad idea :( I'd really appreciate any recommendations! Thanks, Nyom
laurakaymakeup Posts: 51
:wv Hey there, I just PMed you a recommendation!! Good luck!! :compress
Nyom Posts: 4
Thanks laurakaymakeup, I'll look into that x