hair removal cream?

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feelsobad Posts: 693
Hi there Can I use hair removal cream? Tried waxing but really painful! :-8
newyearbabs Posts: 686
I've used it loads it doesn't say anything on the box that your not to use it
brideeee Posts: 1490
I've used it too- couldn't bear that waxing - Ouch!!
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
I have used it to as it doesn't say you can't. Found it hard last time as bump getting big.
bluebell07 Posts: 182
Yeah I asked this question way back at beginning of my pregnancy and general replies were that it was safe to use....... Saying that I haven't been able to see down that area for some weeks now.... :-8 :-8 :-8
brideeee Posts: 1490
Very diificult I have to say at this stage- I put cream on standing in front of mirror and I took off a bit more than I had planned :-8 Ah well, at least I don't have to look at it haven't seen my bits for some time now :o0