Hair salon, Swords (thick wavy hair!)

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Debb2010 Posts: 831
Hi, I have fairly thick wavy hair that needs to be cut really well to be manageable (I also get highlights which makes it quite dry). I live in Swords but go to a hairdressers in Drumcondra which is a bit of a journey &, if possible, I'd like to go somewhere nearer home but I'm wary of somewhere new (been going to the old place for donkeys years & they're great - just a bit far away & pretty expensive) in case they're not as good. I live really near Tonsor in Applewood - has anyone been there? Or can anyone (specially someone with 'difficult' hair!) recommend somewhere really good in the area?
pupsalove Posts: 1490
Hi Debb I too live near Applewood and I go to Peter Marks in the Pavilions, there are two girls there Gillian and Paula who are very good. I also have thick hair and I find Paula is a very good cutter. I would recommend either her or Gillian, call them on 8074007
Irish Wedding DJ Posts: 1436
I sent my missus for a mop-chop last week, she was in a car accident recently and couldn't manage her hair properly and being the sex I am I was absolutely useless in that department. She has frizzy hair and it can drive her pretty crazy sometimes. I sent her to peter mark in the pavillions and she was looked after by a girl called Simone who done an excellent job. She even went back for a trim last this weekend - so she must have been good. HTH
Debb2010 Posts: 831
Thanks guys, I'll give PM's a go so!