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brokebride Posts: 23
Hi Im hoping someone will be able to help me. Im getting married in 4 months and still have no hairdresser sorted out! im looking for one that will travel to the hotel(enniscrone) on the morning of the wedding. Alot of the ones Ive tried aren't willing to travel. Im getting a little desperate now.
tiggeriffic Posts: 547
You'll find a job getting one fom Sligo to travel out. Have you tried any in Ballina? Afraid I don't know any around that area
brokebride Posts: 23
I know! Its really difficult tog et any haordressers to leave the salon. I dont really know Ballina so dont know where to start.
tiggeriffic Posts: 547
I don't either but maybe try the yellow pages. Did you ask the hotel if they had anyone to recommend?
brokebride Posts: 23
Never thought of asking the hotel, its a good idea, Ill have to get on to it.
midnightqueen Posts: 582
Siobhan is a girl from Westport who will travel but not sure how far.
brokebride Posts: 23
gsiobhan is unavailable unfortunately. Got a quote from martha galvin which was resonable but the ravel costa are quite expensive. was wonderning if anyone has used Debbie from wedding wizards for theire hair. or Mona lisa in Castlebar?
elizajane Posts: 631
Martha Galvin in Ballina is excellent - not sure if she travels to hotel but ballina to enniscrone is only about 10-15 mins drive - she has represented ireland at international competitions for upstyling