Hair trial report. Hair mare....any ideas?

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muffins Posts: 17
Just had my hair trial. I'm not wearing a tiara or a veil (strange, I know), so the hair has got to be great. It suits me better down. It's long and blonde. I have fairly straight hair, and the hairdresser spent 3 hours (Bless her) trying to make it hold a curl (blow dry, rollers, heaps of product and finally GHD)!! Less than two hours later it had all fallen out!!! So now I'm left with the dilemma of what the hell to do with my hair on the day. There's really no point in trying to get my hair to hold a curl if it falls out that quickly, is there? So any ideas for straight hair for the Wedding day? Help, please, or I'll end up with a straight blow dry!! O:|
Elliecat Posts: 2725
Does it even hold a bit of a wave? My friend got hers in loose waves and some of it pulled back off her face in a lovely sparkly comb at the back. It was lovely, but she did have wavyish hair to begin with.
muffins Posts: 17
Thanks for the suggestion Elliecat, but I left the place looking like Shirley Temple, only to look like I hadn't brushed my hair, 2 hrs later!! As it was falling out, it did look really good in the wavy stage, but if it falls out that quickly on the day, I won't even have reached the alter!! In fairness the girl was really good, and spent so long on my hair, she even offered to do it for free next time if it fell out. She just said that I have really unusual hair (not sure I like that one!!). :o(
Chicken Licken Posts: 873
I have dead straight hair too and had a trial done last week with ringlet curls and the front pulled back. It lasted until the next day but only because the hairdresser sprayed each length of hair as she curled it on the ghd curling tongs. Bed head firm hold I think was what she used.
stockbroking bride Posts: 2642
Try getting it set the old fashioned way - set on rollers under the hood dryer.
muffins Posts: 17
I can just imagine myself now, sitting under the dryer, rollers in place, fag hanging out of my mouth, and wrinkly stockings!!! Ah what a beautiful bride...Thanks for the suggestion, I think you're right though, if I really want waves, I may have to try that drastic option!! Maybe a hint of blue rinse for luck!!! The hairdresser I had did spray each curl before she velcro rollered them and before she GHD'd them. So much so that I'm convinced I was high leaving the place, and the bunch of flowers I had with me was dead the next day!!! She really did try everything but a set. I think I will give that a shot, and if THAT doesn't work out, just work with what I have (unusual hair)! Thanks so much for the suggestions girls :thnk
stockbroking bride Posts: 2642
Unfortunately since the smoking ban the fag is no longer an option.
muffins Posts: 17
And it would so complete my look for the day...damn!!
lola bride Posts: 794
My hairdresser said i will have the same dilemma, my hair has a kink in it and want it hald up half down with the down part curly and she said that by the end of the cereomny the curls will have fallen out! The only thing she suggested which i would suggest you try is getting a hair piece or extensions as they will hold the curls better then your natural hair. I already have clip in extensions which she is going to dye them to match my hair and shes going to put them in as well as a hair piece for the upper part of my hair so ill have loads of hair and therefore wont need to buy a veil. Im heading round to her tonight so can let you know what she says.
rock-n-roll-wife Posts: 6579
would you not go the old fashioned way of washing your hair then plaiting it and leaving it to dry overnight...then in the morning it will be all lovely and wavy and maybe gather a bit up from each side and have a kind of 'maid marian' kinda style.. xx