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Rainbow Brite 2008 Posts: 147
Hey ladies, I know I should be posting this over on Fashion and Beauty but I need everyones help. I had my hair trial and it was a disaster - I'm looking for a classic upstyle and all I kept getting was "the messy out of bed look" please please post some pictures for me to show my hair dresser cause i'm running out of time. many thanks xx
caitni2000 Posts: 434
Just tell your stylist its not what you’re after at all. Really it all depends on your dress I think... if you show the hairdresser a photo of it and tell them the overall look you’re going for and ask to go through some of their books they should be best to advise. Just say to them you don’t want the messy look and want something sleek and elegant. Most bridal magazines have a full section of hair, and just look online, google “Up-do’s” and hit images and there are tons, then bring this to the hairdresser and explain your image.
bigassbride Posts: 83
have a look at projectwedding website - theres loads of pictures and if there is something you like print it and bring it with you. if she has a picture she has something to go by,,,,good luck
monkeybear Posts: 1926
[img:1raww8q4][/img:1raww8q4] [img:1raww8q4][/img:1raww8q4] [img:1raww8q4][/img:1raww8q4][img:1raww8q4][/img:1raww8q4] [img:1raww8q4][/img:1raww8q4] [img:1raww8q4][/img:1raww8q4] [img:1raww8q4][/img:1raww8q4] are these of any help to you??
caitni2000 Posts: 434
Some of those are really pretty – one thing to keep in mind is where you’ll clip your veil if you’re having one. I love some of these styles, but they don’t provide any support for a veil and could be wrecked if you remove a veil after :(