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aug 09 Posts: 47
Hi girls, I've been searching for weeks for a plain pearl hairband (or tiara if I can't find a hairband) and I've had no luck. Any ideas????
jaykay Posts: 452
where r u based?
aug 09 Posts: 47
jaykay Posts: 452
there is a lady based in dun laoghaire,at the back of royal marine hotel. she has her own shop down there,i met her at a wedding fair. I'm not getting married till next yr,but i plan to get her to do my stuff. she is very reasonable and will make up something for you if you ask, i have sent a couple of people to her, and they were happy. might be worth having a chat with her,i"m afraid i don't know name of shop,but its beside hardy bar,back of hotel. hope this helps, i"m gonna get her to make my jewellery as well,and head piece..good luck O-O
lexiee Posts: 126
I got mine in debenhams,
aug 09 Posts: 47
I tried Debenhams but they didn't have any really simple ones - didn't think it would be so hard to find!!
bijou Posts: 1154
Check out She's based in Longford and her web site does not do her justice. She made my headpiece and jewlery just as I had described and only cost 80.00 for all of it. [img][img][/img][/img]
mrsdamcl Posts: 155
Pennys have a hairband that is basically just a row of pearls. Im not sure if thats what you want but i have seen them in Blanchardstown.
soulful Posts: 1697
Yes I saw them in penneys too and they are quite nice.
finny09 Posts: 104
i got a simple pearl and silver headband in blacoe's jewellers - not sure if there's one in dublin though. it was half price too - that was about a month ago