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Panama Posts: 383
Hi all. I had my hairdresser booked and although I was was paying a good bit more than I had budgeted it was my one extravagance ( along with the make up) and I was happy to pay that for the girl I had booked cos I really love her work. Unfortunately she can no longer do my hair because of events out of anyone's control so I'm on the hunt again. She did give me some great recommendations and there is one I'm seriously considering. However it's the same price as my original hairdresser and maybe this is the opportunity for me to make a bit of a saving. The issue is that there is a minimum charge and that covers up to 4 people. However there is only going to be me, my sister (BM) and my mam, and my mam has really short, really fine hair. So realistically she will only need a blow dry and then styling for me and my sister. It's seems silly to pay for styling for 4 when really there is only two of us. Has anyone any recommendations for a hairdresser that doesn't have a minimum pricing structure like that? I'll be in South Dublin the morning of the wedding. And I'd want them to come to the house. thanks all :wv
SharonS Posts: 53
Have you tried the Powder room girls? They have prices on their website, might be worth a look
Panama Posts: 383
Thanks :-) I'll have a look now.
Soon2bmrsmccabe Posts: 21
Hi try zinc hair spa kiikmainham they are fab and have grt deals on web