Hairdressers for formal hairstyle - Dublin city centre

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Eris Posts: 870
I don't have a hairdresser in Dublin so need some help. Going to a ball next week and want to get my hair done. Don't want a big formal updo and don't just want a blow-dry as I don't like having my hair down around my face. Usually do my hair myself but I've been in study-no-fun mode for so long I don't have a clue what to do with it anymore! Need something like half-up half-down curls - I've seen lots of pictures on this site so I have a fair few ideas. I'd like curls because my hair is long and mostly straight and it would be nice to have curls for a change. But I don't have much money so can't afford to pay a hairdresser €80 to do my hair. Can anyone recommend any hairstylists around Henry Street/O'Connell Street/Drumcondra/Croke Park area who wouldn't charge the earth? I've got used to paying €35 to get my hair cut here so if I can't get an upstyle for less than €50 in Dublin, I won't be doing it!
Rainbow :-) Posts: 133
John Adams upstairs in Clerys is good. Good luck and enjoy the ball :-)
Eris Posts: 870
Thanks Rainbow. What kind of prices does he charge do you know? :wv