Hairdressers? Some colour advice please

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Mrs Boop Posts: 828
I'm wondering what hair colour best describes these two ladies? Copper or Brown? Do you think it's an all over colour or are there highlights in these pics? I think Isla Fisher has sections of dark brown and red/copper? [img:1wdhy05h][/img:1wdhy05h] [img:1wdhy05h][/img:1wdhy05h] Basically I want this colour, I've been getting all over copper (turned out too red IMO) and last time asked for brown was too dark, chocolate brown over the copper I already had in, now washed out looks ok, apart from being washed out? Would love some advice please.
wishinhopin Posts: 81
hiya, i had some highlights recently to get my colour to something like this. If you don't want red then avoid copper like the hair is naturally medium brown so my stlyist put in some lighter golden browns and it just lifts my natural colour without looking dyed good luck