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Diva2005 Posts: 91
Any recommendations for a new hairdryer - mine blew up this morning :shock: !! I have long kind of straight blonde hair so I was thinking of getting a 2000 watt ionic. Was looking at the Remmington Big Shot which comes with nozzle, brush, hair clips and rollers in a gorgeous pink case. It is reduced in boots at the moment. But dont want to buy it just for the case if there is a better hairdryer out there. Any suggestions ?
Astra Posts: 1409
Peter Mark salons sell the best hairdryers IMO. They're the ones all the stylists use.
stockbroking bride Posts: 2642
Get yourself a professional hairdryer much better value - there are two places in Dublin City that sell to the public center one on Abbey St accross from the side door of Easons and another on the South Side on Drury Street.
MSB2B Posts: 80
Yep...Terry Sales on Abbey Street is the best place to go IMO. They sell the salon hairdryers.....can't beat them.
sparkles Posts: 293
Can't beat a salon hairdresser, the remington nig shot is not that great, got it for my sister one year and she only used it once. Sparkles