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Drucilla109 Posts: 40
Hi, can anyone recommend a good hairstylist? My hair is a mid length and a bit flyaway but I'd still like to wear it down. Has anyone had extensions? Is it a good idea to get them just a month before the wedding for a fuller looking downstyle?
Sinead Nic Gabhann Ceremony Singer Posts: 1274
I had great length extensions in for 9 months 2 sets in a row and my hair was really fly away and shortish before I got them and it was amazing the difference, my hair looked great and was easy enough to manage. I got 18 inch extensions. I would get them a month before if I were you to get used to them. The great thing was that after the 9 months my own hair had grown so much that people didn't really notice I got them out and my hair was fuller with less split ends! It is now 6 months since I had extensions in and my hair is almost as long as the original extensions and looks good! I would say check out great lengths cause they don't damage your hair and look so natural. Sinead
ShinyBride Posts: 418
I've booked Joanne Kelly (Hair by Joanne Kelly on Facebook and Instagram) and she's lovely and her work is gorgeous. She does a lot of hair down styles and they're very soft and romantic looking. Sian Sharkey is another to look at, as it happens she wasn't available, but is supposed to be very good too.