hairy bump - can you wax it??

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mjm Posts: 393
Hi ladies, well my bump (or the beginnings of a bump) is already getting very hairy TMI - sorry. I was just wondering if anyone else had this and are you going to wax it, do you think it would be ok to do that? I just dont like the look of it, not planning to go sunbathing in bikini any time soon. all opinions welcome. thanks mjm
silíní Posts: 4219
Yep i have this for ages!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a bit freaky at first to have a 'fluffy' tummy, but i feel it has decreased a bit in the last few weeks, maybe because my bump is stretching and there is more surface area or something!! I think it's very common. At the same time i find the growth of hair on my legs is a lot less. When i was at the beauticians she said definietly not to wax it or do anything with it as she said it will all fall out once you have the baby, and that if you start waxing or removing the hair in any way now, you'll be stuck doing it afterwards too.... So i've left it alone... Maybe stick it out for a few more weeks and you might find, like me, that it becomes less hairy after a while..... I was freaked out at first, but then i thought, sure i won't be in bellytops ever again anyway!!!!
Delish Posts: 4176
Hey I also have a hairy bump, it's not too bad but definitely the hairs are darker and there are more of them, I never had hair there before. I don't have much hair on my arms ever and that has stayed the same and leg hair is growing slowly. How's that for TMI :o0 . I'm not doing anything about it. My bump is also low and pointy, does this mean a boy as per the old wives tales?
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Don't do it!! Lots of women find their bumps get hairier during pregnancy, and I guarantee you, within 3-4 weeks of giving birth, it will be gone, as it's a pregnancy thing. BUT, if you wax it now, you're encouraging the hair to continue growing and you'll be stuck with it forever! My sis and I were pg at the same time and both had hairy bumps. She shaved it, I couldn't be a*sed. Mine disappeared a fortnight after the birth and she's still having to shave hers :o0 :o0
the moms Posts: 1427
I have a hairy bump too! I really hate it but I had it on my last pregnancy as well and it all went within a few weeks after the pregnancy. But I've heard that if you wax it you encourage it to grow more. So Don't Do It!!!
mjm Posts: 393
Thanks for the replies ladies. Thats great to know that it will go away after the birth, will avoid waxing so in case I end up promoting growth, a hairy tummy for life would be gross!! I'll just have to stop stressing about it and view it as one more of the weird and wonderful effects of pregnancy. cheers, mjm