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happyfiance Posts: 317
Ahhh, this time 6 months i'll be married!!!! O-O Very exciting, but also scary!! Seems so near now.... wondering if we have enough things booked and planned. Anyone else near that time? If so what have you done so far and what else have u to do? We have venue booked, chapel, priest, gown, part of the honeymoon (doing it ourselves without an agency) so places online wont let u book until 5 months before the date u want to go.... Our transport, still figuring out florist, we're making our own cake and invites, so we still need to sort out.... ALOT of things!! :-8
lexiee Posts: 126
happyfiance, you seem sooooooooo excited , just wait until like me you have only 20days! I found once we got to 6 months it just flew, enjoy every minute of it! :wv
summersurprise Posts: 1276
It will fly once the 6 month mark goes by. . . You must get a ticker!! :o)ll :wv
happyfiance Posts: 317
[quote="miss.sparkle":aixxno63]It will fly once the 6 month mark goes by. . . You must get a ticker!! :o)ll :wv[/quote:aixxno63] How do i get a ticker?? I'd love one! :o)ll
MrsM2009 Posts: 254
I have six months left too! You've have far more done than me...god i better get a move on!!
fluffiesmam Posts: 1470
wow!! its really going by, i have about a year to go and have noticed its starting to go very quick, i think its cuz i have a lot to do for it this summer and am feeling like i'm not getting enough done quick enough.
sharmon Posts: 437
In 8 days it will be 6 months for us till our wedding day. We have the church, the venu, the band, the dj all booked. We have the florist booked but havent picked the bouquet yet. Since last week also have the BM dresses picked & the guys suits, have the pre-marriage course done & have the dress for myself. We have our appointment to register the marriage but we still have to get our letters of freedom etc sorted. Oh we booked our honeymoon last month, am soooo looking foward to that, esp as it's the only holiday were gonna have this yr. Am so excited can't wait for Christmas to come around this yr....... though in fairness I'm like that every year! Hence the Christmas Wedding
December2009 Posts: 55
happyfiance, I too will be married 6 months to [b:2qn2wllm]this day[/b:2qn2wllm]. I know its very scary and exciting all at the same time. Completed so far are: Church, Hotel, my dress, bmaid dresses, photographer, church music, band. I have 99% decided on invites, chair covers, videographer but no deposit paid to date. No honeymoon organised yet.Are you going with any christmassy themes/ideas on the day? It's great to have discuss this with someone getting married at the same time of year :wv
Mrs2babridesoon Posts: 3319
Hi December2009, I think you seem very organised, I'm getting married in early November and still have loads to do but we'll get there! I think the trick is enjoy the journey!
PixieMom Posts: 838
happyfiance and December2009 - I got married exactly 6 months ago today so you are both getting married the same date that we did! Just wanted to say best of luck to you, it was a great day for us and I was so glad we went with that time of year cos everyone was in the party mood just before Xmas!! Enjoy your planning O-O