Half-Marathon Training

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mummytime Posts: 3149
Anyone doing a half-marathon? Would love to read about your training plans. I’m signed up for the race series in the Phoenix Park which includes half marathon in September. Currently I do a spinning class twice a week of 30/40 mins duration. I usually do a 30 mins weights class as well on the same days . At the weekends I try and do a 60 mins weights class on a Saturday and then a run on a Sunday. I usually run 7/8k so the plan was to increase the distance of that run over the next couple of months. I do wonder though if I need to do more running during the week and maybe substitute one of the spin classes for a 7/8k run. I love the spin classes and they have really improved my fitness and they are short and sweet however I probably need to do some more running. I don’t really want to give up the weights training either however there are only so many hours in the day. As it is I get up at 5.30am twice a week to go to the gym. Maybe it’s not possible to train for half-marathon and still do spinning/weights training? Anyway, please let me know what you training plans are so I can compare. Thanks a mill
0412 Posts: 10
Hi Mummytime, I have entered the race series in the phoniex park also. Im following novice Hal Higdon training plan at the moment as its for 12 weeks which is perfect for the half marathon. Here is the link: It has on this plan to do other training such as strength and cross training so you will be able to continue spinning and weights. Best of luck with the races. :) Sharon
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
HI Mummytime I also trained for a half marathon last year and I only ran 1 long run a week eg Saturday and each week I added 1km on. So it was 10k then 11k I also did 3 smaller runs and sprints as well as 2 gym classes during the week. It was tough going but I'm glad I done it! Google half marathon training and you'll get loads of plans to follow
daisy2012 Posts: 619
HI mummytime! I'm doing the Phoenic park series too! Have a few doubts bout the half marathon though as I'm not getting my long runs in at the weekends as I've stuff on or hangovers to nurse over the last few weeks, I was doing so well for awhile there but at the mo, most of my work is being done during the week.... on mondays I do a stretch and strengthen class, then tues, wed I do 8k and 8 k threadmill runs on an incline, then thursday I go to Phoenix park with my running buddy and we are building up the distance, and then thats kind of been it for the last few weeks! You sound like you will be well able for it- I think you should try get a bit more running in though to get your legs used to running distances up to 13 miles as it sounds like you have the fitness with all that spinning you do!
mummytime Posts: 3149
Thanks for the replies. I had looked at the Hal Hidgon schedule however he suggests running three times a week whereas I had hoped to run only twice a week. All the plans I see though seem to suggest running three times a week minimum. Let me know how you get on with the plan Sharon Did 5k on the treadmill this morning which took me 35mins which is pretty slow? i used to run 10ks in under an hour. what type of time should I be aiming for in a first time half-marathon? Mrs S- spill, what time did you do? Daisy, sounds like you are doing plenty of training so well done you.
mummytime Posts: 3149
Hi girls, I have another question. Have you increased carb consumption as part of your half marathon training? I reduced my carb intake significantly over the last few months. I eat porridge/museli for breakfast every day however lunch is mainly salads with a very small portion of cous cous some days and I tend to have a very small portion of carbs for dinner- usually small portion of rice or 2/3 baby potatoes. I eat very little bread or pasta. I do eat loads of fruit and veg though which contain carbs. I wonder though will this hinder my training as carbs should comprise 50% of a runners diet, from what I am reading? thx
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
Mummytime for me I would only eat extra carbs on the evening before or morning of the long run. Maybe some pasta or brown rice. You'll know if you hit a wall early on in the run. I went totally no carb for a 10k this year and found it easier as I didn't hit any wall. You'll just have to listen to your body, you'll know if you should be eating more or not.