half point yogurt ?

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Something sweet Posts: 33
Any other yogurts worth half a ww point apart from the ww ones? :thnk
mummy32b Posts: 199
I think the nearest you'll get the that are the Yoplait 0% yogurts Hun, they only have something like 56 calories in them :)
Something sweet Posts: 33
Thanks MammyB2B! Always looking for ways to shave off a few points here and there! :-8
mummy32b Posts: 199
I know all about it Hun. What I love for breakfast and it only costs 2 1/2 points is two ryvita with a banana, it fills me up and it's really nice and low in points. If you like to make your own soup, I make veg and chicken soup at home with chicken breasts chopped, carrots, onions, celery. leek, turnips, parsnip and any other veg you might like, let them all boil to softening and add a few chicken stock to it, I make large sauspans of it and when I have a big bowl the only points is the chiken which is only 1 or 2 points depending on the amount of chicken you like. I know it's nothing got to do with yogurt but I've found it's really helped me and I also gave up bread.
LadyMary Posts: 1050
Got to say giving up bread is the best thing anyone can do, white or brown its lethal for us. I use to get bloasted all the time after i ate it, now i try to stay after unless i'm hungover O-O prefect excuse then. That soup sounds great and so low in points, with your breakfast and soup for lunch, you have lots left for dinner or to save for a treat night.
Chococat Posts: 1632
Dunnes stores do their own brand of low fat yogurts. They are 1 point each. It's about €2.50 for 8 yogurts & they are delicious.
baby-bel Posts: 929
mummyb2b dont forget parsnips have points in them too, i had been putting them in my soups until i realised its a point per 90grams of parsnippand one parsnip typically weighs alot more than that, i know its not much overall but just thought you might like to know as you could omit the parsnip without sacrifycing on taste
mummy32b Posts: 199
Hi Baby Bel, thanks for letting me know, I don't like parsnip on it's own and I only ever put in about half a parsnip, just to tell others that it's there lol. I didn't know about the points in it though, I would never be looking that veg up, so I appreciate you telling me for future knowledge :)
Bejewelled Wife Posts: 2190
Aldi low fat yougurts are only a half point. 8 in a pack - €1.99 2 Strawberry 2 Rashberry 2 Pineapple 2 Pear