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Mrs2008 Posts: 812
Did the friend give a reason why she wouldn't want her wedding there??? By the way, i'm having my reception there in August and i absolutely love it. I know there will be a few people who will pass remarks that its not grand enough but i couldn't care less. I wanted a cosy, relaxed, friendly venue and i cant wait to have my day there. You know what they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
*bubblez* Posts: 1599
I initially thought the same thing when I viewed the hotel, I thought it's not very me, iykwim? I always wanted a sweeping staircase in the hotel I got married in. However, I went to a wedding there in Sept and it changed my mind entirely about the hotel. They couldn't do enough for the couple and their guests on the day and the food was amazing. I didn't think there would be many photo ops but the couple had lots of shots around the piano, the fire, the bar and outside the hotel in the wedding car. I would recommend that you go and view the hotel to set your mind at ease but I would have no hesitation in recommending this hotel to anyone. A couple of points I did note for anyone getting married there is the waiting staff spilled meat juices on 2 of the guests while serving dinner, now they also did their utmost to clean it up afterwards but still it happened twice at the one table. Some guests also drank the bridal parties champagne before the party arrived and the wait staff witnessed this, didn't say anything (understandably) but didn't provide another bottle of bubbly either. Some of the hotel rooms are a good distance from bar & function room so if you have elderly guests it might be an idea to let the hotel know so they don't have a trek back to their room. Again I think the hotel is fab and would recommend it to anyone and the above points are little things that had very little if any impact on the day!! Good luck planning :wv
MrsWhippy09 Posts: 2346
You really need to go and see the hotel for yourself and put your mind at ease. I have heard nothing but great reports about the Hamlet. My h2bs' cousin got married there last September, unfortunately we couldn't make it but my inlaws raved about it! TBH everyone is going to hear some sort of horror story about their hotel, these things happen, I'd only start to worry if I heard too many stories. .. I wouldnt pay attention to a friend of a friend of a friend who told you she wouldn't have her reception there. Sound like she's jealous, so don't pay any attention to petty comments from anyone. It's what you and H2b want that matters and if people dont like it, they dont have to go, simple as.
Princess Laughalot Posts: 103
I have been to 2 weddings at the Hamlet Court and each one has been fantastic.It's the little touches that make a wedding spectacular and the Hamlet Court look after all of this. The staff are highly professional and everything about the hotel is spotless. They really pull all the punches to impress people during the meal (if you don't already know I won't spoil the surprise) and everybody speaks about weddings there for a long time after. The hotel does not have fabulous grounds for photos but, if you go out the front door and across the road, just to the right a bit there is a church with lovely grounds, green grass, trees etc and the photos that are taken here are fabulous and as somebody else pointed out, the fire & piano in the hotel and also the corridor towards the rooms with the huge mirrors on the wall. The 2nd wedding I was at had hired the chair covers (the 1st wedding didn't) and the room looked amazing, had the real wow factor when I walked in, even after being there before as a bridesmaid. If you can afford them, they really add to the room, if you can't, don't worry, the room still looked fab at the first wedding. You really have nothing to worry about, and John is brilliant to deal with from what I have heard (unlike the hotel I am dealing with for mine!!) Don't mind any remarks you get from others, as someone already said, there's always someone with something to say - you'll have an amzing day there.
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
Gorlo Posts: 5
Thanks so much for the replies . . I am feeling more content with the decision now. we're not back in Ireland until July and we are getting married in May 09. It would have been impossible for us to view places in July and get a date in May 09 so we have to go by what people have said about the place and our own gut feeling. . my mum and sisters have been helpful but I think they were a bit put-off by the initial look of the Hamlet when they went to see it (no big grand entrance or gardens) and I can hear it in their tone of voice when they mention the hotel. . . but we had already booked it when the engagement was announced . . . I can't wait to view it myself but it will be too late to start changing by then and we have to get band, photographer and church in next few weeks . . . so that's it . . we're sticking with out initial gut feeling . . and with all the great reviews aout the place . . the Hamlet it is. (sigh of relief!) It's so stressful trying to organise a wedding from overseas . . it's like doing everything with your eyes closed!
Huggles Posts: 1108
Well, as you can see, I'm a newly wed. We had our reception there in December and all I can say is WOW! It was unbelievable. The food, the level of service, the attention to detail, the fact that people are still talking about the food, the room decoration. Everything was perfect. They go way above and beyond anything I've ever seen and they really make you feel like royalty. They throw in a few lovely surprises on the day too. Would book them again in a second. :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll EDITED to say: Chair covers are included as part of the room now O-O
Kilcock bride Posts: 426
I wouldn't listen to the friend of a friend etc, you'll never please everyone. Have to admit, got engaged Christmas eve, 1st sat in Jan with a raging hangover H2B & myself decided to look at a few hotels to get an idea. I'd already printed out menus from various hotels & had a look at a few websites so we knew which we'd ruled out on price alone :eek . Hamlet Court was the 1st port of call, it was set up for a wedding that day but it was early so the party hadn't arrived so we got to see it all set up & ready to go. Room is amazing, as earlier poster said, all chair covers, table settings, flowers etc are included in price & it looked fab. We also got to see bridal suite & rooms WOW loved them. We went there 1st as its a small family run & you're guaranteed to be the only wedding there, friends wedding a few years ago had gatecrashers from another wedding cause their band was much better. The personal service really blew us away, when Trish (one of the owners) went to get the book to check dates I asked H2B in a very non-challant tone (even tho I was soooo excited) what did he think, all he said was "I'm sold, we're having the wedding here" to get it we had to book a Thur & we're not getting married until Sept 09 which will tell you how popular it is. I've only heard excellent reports, not one bad word apart from the poster who mentioned the meat juices earlier. You'll have a great time, as I'm sure all the Hamlet Court brides & grooms will. Best of luck with your planning :thnk :wv
kjh Posts: 9
I was at a wedding there in January..The set up was beautiful, the staff were so nice and I have to say the food was amazing and both my parents are chefs (I was at 11 weddings last year and it was the best meal we got at any wedding we were at) . The top table looks great and the service to the top table is super..You will see it on the day. Enjoy and don't worry it will be lovely.