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GizzyWhizzy Posts: 290
Dear Wollies, I would really appreciate some advice please. I work with about 20 people who are being invited to the wedding. These are people that I see on a daily or definately weekly basis and we all have offices at the place of work. I had intended on hand delivering the invites to my workmates in June 2012. One of my IL's thought that this was and I quote.... [i:14aihmmk]"really cheap and common, and shows off your attitude to your wedding!!"[/i:14aihmmk] I thought it was actually good to be honest.. but then again I might just be more "common" than I already thought >:o( O:| We are posting 100 invites so its not to save money but more to save hassle and have a bit of fun when delivering them.. I would have to get all of their addresses to post to them when I see them. I dont want to commit some sort of wedding faux-pas so I would really appreciate your honest opinion on hand delivering. It is cheap and wrong or OK? Thanks in advance (dunno how Id manage with things like this without WOL)
hadtoleave Posts: 2522
Well I hand delivered about 70 of my invitations, only posted 30 as people were living away from us and we wouldn’t see them too often. why would you bother getting addresses for work people and wasting money on a stamp. Definitely had delivered. Out of the 3 weddings in my office in the last year all hand delivered. One friend got married last year and we hand delivered that awell. Do not listen to that relative who said that! It is perfectly ok! Its actually nice cos you can see people’s reactions aswell!
lulu126 Posts: 1095
Why on earth would you post an invite to someone you see all the time?! I'm hand delivering invites to my colleagues and people that I see every week without fail. Your colleagues you see every day would think it daft if they received it in the post when you could have handed it to them in person. Personally I think hand delivering an invite shows a personal touch to a wedding and proves to the guest how much you want them there. Tell your relative to pull their head out of the last century!
sarahstrikes Posts: 214
we intend on hand delivering ll the invites within driving distance and there is about 20 that we will have to post. we have aroud 170 invites altogether. I have seen other couples hand deliver invites and to me it makes more sense
dreambaby2013 Posts: 2445
I intend to hand deliver as many of my invites as possible, if you see the person on a daily basis or they live close enough for you to call and to say why wouldn't you hand deliver them it's more personal. Yes it is cheeper but to post them when you pass someone every day is a waste of money. Not everyone has money to waste. Do what suits you is what i'd say
Drummerswife Posts: 3497
Anotherone here who is hand delivering. Out of a guest list of 309 I am buying 20 stamps (some are combined invites where 3 or 4 families live literally next door to each other) I just don't see the point in spending money on a stamp. If I was to post them all its almost €100 that would def be better spent elsewhere.
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
I posted all of mine :-8 :-8 :-8 I thought it was a nice idea and no other reason why I did really :-8 :-8 :-8
C13 Posts: 289
I'll be hand delivering as many as possible, and posting the overseas ones of course! I wouldn't see anything cheap or common about it, as other posters have said it would be nice to see peoples reactions too!
GizzyWhizzy Posts: 290
Thank you all so much. I definately feel better that my own gut instinct was that it was a good thing.. :) We will still be posting a good few cause we are not getting married (or live) near our home parishes so the distance to hand deliver would betoo great. I get on very well with the ppl at work so i think it will be a nice fun thing to do and I wont see some of them for the month coming up to the wedding so it will be like a nice wee send off too :) Thanks again, I can breathe again.. now I just have to get onto the invitation maker to get my hands on the invites :)
GizzyWhizzy Posts: 290
[quote="babydust2012":zfpsh5pl]I posted all of mine :-8 :-8 :-8 I thought it was a nice idea and no other reason why I did really :-8 :-8 :-8[/quote:zfpsh5pl] Dont be :-8 :-8 for posting them babydust... I think its each to their own :) it was my IL's that were getting at me.. The more I think of it, the more I think it was just a dig! :)