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judibaby Posts: 2085
In honour of the WOL exmas par-tay, and the fact that almost all of you will have big shit heads up on ye this Sunday Morn- share your fave hangover cures for the holiday season... Mine is a bag of Green Ripples and a bottle of Club Orange. Also partial to hair of the dog on a sunday evening in a nice pub with a big open fire... O-O
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
has to be an ice cold bottle of lucozade
mmmm Posts: 45
or a can of ice cold diet coke...
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
two alka seltzer.....followed by a big dirty fry(not made by me obviously)!! It really does work can be hard getting it down sometimes though :o0
lucylou07 Posts: 560
First thing, :hic a slice of toast with butter and some water... then, when the stomach settles a bit.. a couple of packets of monster munch... then, later on when you're feeling o.k but really STARVING... a chicken curry with fried rice & chips !! YUM!!!
judibaby Posts: 2085
Yes Lucy Hangover Sunday would not be complete without the obligatory chinese takeaway eaten in your pj's in front of the telly!!
Mrs áthas Posts: 3488
i was at this cafe yesterday that sold a juice 'cucumber celery lime and ginger' and i swear to god girls, it is a hangover cure in a glass... that and back to bed with H for um...a rest
Princess Cinders Posts: 11475
I didnt overindulge last night as I had done plenty of that on Thursday night, but if my stomach is up to it, a McDonalds chicken nuggets and chips does it for me
mad woman Posts: 22106
banana & pinapple juice. drink loads of water before you go to bed, get up early eat your brekkie and then go back asleep for a while. brand new.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Take half a bowl of rice krispies, half a bowl of cornflakes & mix. Pour milk over and pop in the microwave for a minute. The hubby swears by it *)